Little Miss Tidy Loses a Friend is the 7th episode of the first season of Mr. Men and Little Miss. It was first broadcast on 20 November, 1995.

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Little Miss Tidy returns from holiday to find that Little Miss Trouble and Little Miss Tiny have invited themselves round to her house. The three of them have tea together, but Little Miss Tidy cannot not remember where the tea is. After they find it they drink it, but Little Miss Trouble hates it because it has salt instead of sugar.

She borrows Little Miss Tidy's phone to cause a bit of mischief. Little Miss Tidy decides to clean the house, and Little Miss Tiny is stuck in the cabinet, because Little Miss Trouble shut the cabinet door so she couldn't get out, and becomes scared.

Then follows a string of events as Little Miss Tidy hunts for Little Miss Tiny, not to mention the arrival of Little Miss Helpful, called in by Little Miss Trouble! But there's always a happy ending in Misterland!



  • When Little Miss Trouble says "Well I'll come with you then" to Little Miss Tiny, Little Miss Trouble's nose is yellow instead of green.
  • It is unexplained how Little Miss Tidy could forget where she put the telephone when it was never removed from it's original location during the episode.
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