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"Here comes trouble!" people used to say. And can't you guess who came walking along? That's right! Little Miss Trouble! She uses Mr. Snooty, Mr. Clever and Mr. Worry to frame Mr. Small for secretly calling them insults behind their backs and Mr. Small breaks his foot following a slip when his angry confronters show up. Mr. Small talks to Dr. Makeyouwell and Mr. Small uses Mr. Tickle and Mr. Bump to frame Little Miss Trouble so that they tickle and bump her. Little Miss Trouble has received a taste of her own medicine.




The transcript for "Little Miss Trouble (Cartoon)" can be found here.


  • This is the first episode for several things:
    • The first appearances of Mr. Clever and Mr. Mischief's friend, Little Miss Trouble.
    • The first episode not to have Little Miss Scatterbrain or Mr. Slow appear since their debut appearance.
  • In the British dub, when Walter goes back into his hole, he groans. But in the U.S. dub, he says "Goodbye!"


  • When Mr. Tickle first tickles Little Miss Trouble, Little Miss Trouble's nose is missing.

Differences Between the Book and the Cartoon[]

  • Mr. Worry doesn't appear in the book version
  • Mr. Snooty and Mr. Clever gave Mr. Small two black eyes in the book. In the cartoon, Mr. Worry, Mr. Snooty, and Mr. Clever don't beat up Mr. Small; instead, Mr. Small falls off the shelf and gets crushed by stuff he put on the shelves he was stacking after they confront him.
  • Mr. Small doesn't directly encounter Little Miss Trouble in the cartoon.
  • It is unknown what Little Miss Trouble said Mr. Small called Mr. Worry, Mr. Snooty, and Mr. Clever in the cartoon. In the book, Little Miss Trouble said Mr. Small called Mr. Snooty "fatty" and Mr. Clever "big nose"


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Mr Men, Little Miss Trouble

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