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Little Miss Yes/Madame Oui is part of the Little Miss series created by Roger Hargreaves.

She was created by two writers, Viviane Cohen and Evelyne Lallemand, and an illustrator, Colette David.

About her

  • Colour: Chartreuse
  • Shape: Round
  • Gender: Female
  • Hair: Light brown/blonde (original), medium brown (2004 onwards)
  • Features: Red bows
  • Personality: Friendly, agreeable, likeable, polite
  • Relatives: Possibly Mr. No
  • Friends: Mr. Tickle, Mr. No, Little Miss Greedy, Mr. Greedy
  • Rivals: No-one
  • Job: Always agreeing with others


Madame Oui.jpg
Little Miss Yes original front cover
Little Miss Yes/Madame Oui agrees with everything. She never says no. She will agree that Little Miss Splendid's new hat is splendid, and Mr. Fussy's lawn does have a bit of bent grass.

One Sunday, Mr. Greedy invites Little Miss Yes over to his house to have a picnic with Little Miss Greedy. She accepts, despite wanting to stay home that day, and sets off.

On the way she meets Mr. Tickle who asks her if she wants to be tickled. She says yes, of course, despite being very ticklish. After Mr. Tickle leaves, Little Miss Yes goes to the bakery and tries to buy a cake. She wants a small cake, but Mrs. Bun tells her a big cake would be better for Mr. Greedy and Little Miss Greedy. She agrees, and buys the big cake.

Mr. Greedy was delighted to see the large cake. He and Little Miss Greedy eat all of the other picnic food, and go to take a nap to get an appetite for eating the cake. After their thirty minute nap, they are horrified to find the cake gone! Little Miss Greedy accuses Mr. Greedy of eating the cake, and Little Miss Yes agrees with her that Mr. Greedy ate it. Mr. Greedy accuses Little Miss Greedy of eating the cake, and Little Miss Yes agrees with him. Both of the cousins then ask Little Miss Yes who actually at the cake, and she says she ate it, and that it was delicious.

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  • She is the only French Little Miss to cameo in Mr. Men and Little Miss that did not cameo with her correct colour scheme.


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International publications & translations

  • Madame Oui (France)
  • Η κυρία Ναι (Greece)
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