Lunch is the forty-first episode (first part of the twenty-first episode) of Season 2 of The Mr. Men Show.

The Mr Men Show "Lunch" (S2 E41)

The Mr Men Show "Lunch" (S2 E41)


  • Mr. Happy, Mr. Grumpy and Mr. Stubborn's Plot: Mr. Happy invites Mr. Grumpy and Mr. Stubborn to his cafeteria. Mr. Stubborn wants spaghetti and beanballs and has a food issue picking his lunch. Mr Grumpy tries not to ruin his good mood as he learns this is the place for him.
  • Miss Daredevil's Plot: Miss Daredevil advertises for her awesome lunch box. (Deleted in the UK broadcast)
  • Mr. Bump's Plot: Mr. Bump brings his sandwiches to work. Soon a mob crowds for sandwiches.
  • Mr. Fussy, Mr. Messy, Mr. Quiet and Miss Chatterbox's Plot: Mr. Fussy takes Mr. Messy, Mr. Quiet and Miss Chatterbox into the woods. They find the Horn Thrusted Red Spangler. They then have lunch. Then an angry hungry bear comes out of the bushes.


"Stubborn...! You're ruining my good mood. Just put something on your tray."
Mr. Grumpy while Mr. Stubborn refuses to put something on his tray besides spaghetti and beanballs
"I am not leaving until I have pack up my picnic!"
Mr. Fussy before the bear roars and scares him, Mr. Messy, Mr. Quiet and Little Miss Chatterbox


The Mr. Men and Little Misses eating their sandwiches

  • Mr. Fussy is trying to enjoy his food, but gets disgusted by Mr. Messy's smelly sandwich and Miss Chatterbox eating her sandwich while opening her mouth, which causes Mr. Fussy to faint.
  • Miss Whoops splatters some of sub on Mr. Bump.
  • Mr. Scatterbrain eats his hat instead of his sandwich, and wears it as a hat.


  • Some of the drawings behind Miss Sunshine are:
    • Herself
    • A dog
    • Miss Magic, Mr. Grumpy without his hat, and a round Mr. Man (either Mr. Happy or Mr. Tickle).
  • This is the first episode for the Cartoon Network airing to be in a 16:9 letterbox aspect ratio.


  • It's unknown whose neck tie landed on Mr. Bump, as none of the Mr. Men have that tie in the color.
  • Miss Whoops is seen running Mr. Bump over with a rider floor scrubbing vehicle, despite she was with the group the scene before.

Real-World References

  • When Mr. Rude throws a pie at Mr. Stubborn, Mr. Stubborn gains the same hairstyle as Elvis Presley.
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