Machines is a Season 2 episode of The Mr. Men Show.


Mr. Messy and Mr Fussy's Plot Mr. Fussy gives Mr. Messy a machine to clean his house. Mr. Messy soon switches the machine to being Messy.

Mr. Strong's Plot: Mr. Strong does an ad for his fitness machines. (Deleted in the UK)

Mr. Funny and Mr Grumpy's Plot: Mr. Funny is given a vacuuming machine from Mr. Grumpy to clean up the streets but it doesn't go well (and it even hurts Mr. Bump).

Miss Daredevil, Mr. Rude, Miss Scary, Mr. Nervous, and Miss Giggle's Plot: Miss Daredevil invites Miss Scary, Mr. Rude, Miss Giggles and Mr. Nervous to go with her on a time machine to see Dinosaurs. However, once they get there a Pterodactyl picks up Miss Giggles and swoops away and the rest of the group go to search for her. They get chased by a T-Rex and hide in a cave where they find Miss Giggles. When they get back to the machine, they find velociraptors and Miss Giggles who can't help her giggles causing them to chase the crew. When they get back Miss Scary finds that a velociraptor went with them.


Miss Naughty using a teleportation machine on several characters.

  • She uses it on Mr. Grumpy and Miss Chatterbox, and their faces are swapped.
  • She uses it on Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small, and they swap body sizes.
  • She uses it on Miss Scary, but duplicates versions of her start showing up.

Fun Facts


There were some dialogue changes between the American and oversea versions:

  • The gas pedal was change to accelerator.
  • Mr. Grumpy tells Mr. Funny he's not a piece of litter after accidentally vacuuming Mr. Grumpy was added.


  • Mr. Fussy was the first to hit Mr. Strong, yet the next scene shows Mr. Bump on the bottom.
  • This episode reveals that Mr. Funny's hat can inflate like a balloon.
  • There were 11 letters after Mr. Funny opened the trunk on the sweeper. But only 4 showed up in the next scene.
  • It's unlikely Mr. Funny would've hit the trash can, as the can itself was more on the sidewalk than on the road.
  • Mr. Rude said "You do not know the half of it" about Miss Giggles to Miss Scary. Whenever or not he's referring to Pirates or another event is unknown.


  • When Mr. Funny vacuumed the mailbox, the stamps on the letters changed when they're flipped.
  • The youtube thumbnail shows a scene of Driving.

Real-World References

  • Some of the sound effects on the bumpers are from Star Trek.


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