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Mall is the tenth episode (second part of the fifth episode) of Season 1 of The Mr. Men Show.


The tides of an upcoming escalator prove no match for a downwardly directed Mr. Stubborn; Mr. Messy's cheese shop is a stinky success; and Little Miss Calamity learns the perils of vibrating furniture.


  • Mr. Scatterbrain and Mr. Bounce's Plot: Mr. Bounce wants a pair a sized 6 boots from Mr. Scatterbrain. Mr. Scatterbrain keeps messing up Mr. Bounce's request and ends up giving him ukuleles that are sized 6. Mr. Bounce tries to correct him only to end up bouncing out of the store.
  • Mr. Fussy and Mr. Messy's Plot: Mr. Fussy is trying to get cheese from Mr. Messy's Cheese Parlour, but the latter's cheese is gross.
  • Musical number: Dillydale Dance Floor by Mr. Bump (Deleted in the UK dub but was available on the website)
  • Mr. Stubborn's Plot: Mr. Grumpy finds Mr. Stubborn walking on the opposite direction on the up escalator in his way. Mr. Stubborn refuses to admit that he's on the wrong escalator. Miss Chatterbox, Mr. Rude, Mr. Small, and Mr. Scatterbrain also get in his way. Mr. Bounce then knocks them down like bowling pins and Mr. Stubborn then proceeds downward (presumably the impact from Mr. Bounce made the escalator slow down).
  • Mr. Tickle and Mr. Lazy's Plot: Mr. Tickle gives Mr. Lazy a cleaning robot that is supposed to do all the work for Mr. Lazy, but it ends up being unhelpful to the point where Mr. Lazy (ironically) tells Mr. tickle that its lazy. In the end, Mr. Tickle and all his robots give Mr. Lazy a tickle.
  • Miss Helpful and Miss Calamity's Plot: Miss Helpful gives Miss Calamity a relaxing chair. She then presses the red button (which Miss Helpful has forgot to tell her not to press) and the chair moves about the place. She gets into many things. Including a costume shop, a pet store, and a bakery. After the five minutes are up, Miss Calamity is completely shaken and tells Miss Helpful that she will not buy the chair.


Characters go into a photo booth.

  1. Mr. Nervous goes in, but comes out almost immediately after the photos are taken, as the photos show that Miss Scary had scared him.
  2. Mr. Lazy goes in. His photos show him slowly dropping off and going to sleep.
  3. Mr. Scatterbrain goes in. His photos show the photo booth filling with water and him swimming away.
  4. Miss Daredevil goes in and after the pictures are taken, the photo booth takes off. Her photos show that she had gone to the moon.





Voice Cast[]




The transcript for "Mall" can be found here.


  • Sock cheese makes a debut in this episode.
  • Mr. Bump's song can only be heard in the UK in live shows, the original Mr. Men Show website, Picnics, Radio, Seashore and Parties. It is now available to watch as a secret scene on a DVD, but the US voices are retained.
  • Mr. Lazy's and Mr. Stubborn's videos from the now-defunct UK series website are shown in this episode.
  • Throughout the episode, none of the characters are shown through the windows of the stores.
  • Mr. Grumpy's hat when Mr. Bounce hit him resembles his book counterpart.
  • It is unknown that how many stores are in there as on the bottom floor.

Dub edits[]

  • Mr. Lazy asking Herbie Homemaker to make a chip and dip is adjusted to "chip and a dip" in the UK version.


  • The escalator in Mr. Stubborn, Mr. Grumpy, Miss Chatterbox, Mr. Rude, Mr. Small, Mr. Scatterbrain and Mr. Bounce's plot doesn't lead anywhere.
  • The photos Miss Daredevil take implies that she took them on the moon, but the booth doesn't go up when she already takes the photos.
  • Mr. Fussy has his regular expression when he is running while possibly crying.
The escalator with no floor

The escalator does not have a top floor.

Real-World References[]

  • Optimus Prime and R2-D2 make a cameo at Mr. Tickle's robot store.
  • When Mr. Scatterbrain is knitting and Mr. Bounce interrupts him, Mr. Scatterbrain says "Yeeeesss?" in the style of the late Frank Nelson.


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