aka Erica

  • I live in Boca Raton, Florida, USA
  • I was born on November 20
  • I am Female
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  • My name is Rebecca K. Lunetta!

    I heard a lot about you and I think you should join our Discord server!

    You got Discord? 

    Also, I'm one of the Mr. Men editors!

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  • 3 of the segments have been thought out so far

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  • Sorry once again that you're not in it.  [1]

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  • I found someone else to do all the Little Misses voices in the episode. This has been done becasue I want to get the video out by Valentines Day.

    This whole thing was mostly my fault for asking you for lines at basically the last minute.

    Once again, I am very sorry about this. Rest assured, this is a one time thing and you can reprise your roles in the next episode if you'd like.

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  • I'm planning a Mr. Men Valentines Day Special and I need you to do some lines for me.

    (Miss Hug is running a free hugs stand and Miss Helpful walks up)

    MISS HUG: Hi Miss Helpful, want a free hug?

    MISS HELPFUL: Sure, why not? (they hug for a bit before realizing Mr. Rude is nearby)

    MR. RUDE: Okay, this is looking good. I like where this is going. Okay, now smell her a little. (the two Little Misses stop hugging and glaire at Mr. Rude.) What?

    (Miss Tiny runs up to Mr. Small. Since this is your first time voicing Miss Tiny, I would like you to try a Welsh accent for her.)

    MISS TINY: Oh thank god I finally found someone. I just escaped from a really messed up farm where I was held against my will. Long story short, the farm cat went crazy, killed the farmer and turned the farm into a slave labour camp. I'm just glad I'm away from that nightmare. Can I stay with you for the next few weeks or years?

    MR. SMALL:..............................K.

    (Miss Calamity and Mr. Bump literally bump into eachother.

    MR. BUMP: Oh, sorry about that.

    MISS CALAMITY: No, It's my fault. I should have been looking where I was going.

    MR. BUMP: Hey, this might sound sudden but would you like to go out for dinner tonight?

    MISS CALAMITY: As friends?

    MR. BUMP: I was thinking we start out as friends and then see where we go from there.

    MISS CALAMITY: I would like that.

    MR. BUMP: Shall I pick you up at 5:30?

    MISS CALAMITY: Sounds good to me.

    MR. BUMP: Okay, see you then.

    MR. NOSY: Will you two just kiss already? (The couple look over to see Mr. Nosy hiding in a bush) I mean, I'm not here.

    MISS CALAMITY: You're not fooling anyone.

    Now before I type this next one out, I must warn you that it's kinda wrong.

    MR. DAYDREAM: (at Mr. Quiet's front door) Hey Mr. Quiet, Some of your mail got mixed up with mine.

    MR. QUIET: (wearing a bondage mask and black speedos) Now isn't really a good time. (Miss Shy walks into scene wearing a dominatrix outfit)

    MISS SHY: Do we have any more baby oil? (Notices Mr. Daydream at the door and blushes and talks more quietly) Oh..............Um.............Hi.

    MR. QUIET: It's not what it looks like.

    MISS SHY: (Still timid in her tone) It's.........actually alot weirder than that. (Mr. Daydream just backs away slowly.)

    Now I need you to voice all the characters whose names are in bold but please hurry. If I'm to get this out in time for Valentines Day, I need you to get your lines in withtin the next 8 hours.

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    • Okay, it's been 9 hours since I sent you this.

      I really do need these lines in TODAY!

      Sorry it's at such short notice but I want to get this done by tomorrow, animating the whole thing could take a day and You're in four of the five sketches.

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  • look at the latest videos on the wiki

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  • if not then here's the series

    i'm just telling you about it because i'd feel bad if i didn't

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  • not sure why i'm asking this but do you have skype?

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  • i'm currently brainstorming ideas for the next mr. men cartoon

    i've thought out 4 of the 6 sketches

    if you want, you could write the last two yourself

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    • thank you. i'll start animating now

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    • Okay. Let me know when the cartoon is ready.

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