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  • So, um, I saw you found my wikia page on Rails of Highland Valley. If I may ask, why? And how did you even find it? And what exactly did you think you were gonna accomplish by doing so?

    My friends Kaleb, Alex and others are on that wiki as well, and are already aware of the entire conflict (Do the usernames NS3301Kaleb and AWVRman767 strike you as familiar?), so idk what you were trying to accomplish. Also, Nicholas is thinking of adding you into the series because of how you just breached my page like that. 

    Look, I'm NOT here to pick a fight. I just simply ask this: please do NOT go to my pages and attack me like that. Don't even go to the Southeast Rail Stories wiki and try and find MY page on there (and don't search up your name, you won't like it).

    One final note: the person who told you 'Fuck you' is Colton, and expect much worse from him if you do something like that again. I should know.

    So, please no fighting, -Ian.

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    • Okay...

      But somhow, you did keep on "exposing me" and did not leave me be....

      I might act a little pervy on DeviantArt and Tumblr, but your actions are bad enough...

      As you can see: I am one of the Mr. Men Wiki editors now and you don't need to be here...

      It's best if you leave me in peace.....

      I got too much trouble to deal with on the sites you bashed me on....

      To Kaleb and others who misunderstood of the situation: This fight is just plain stupid...

      If you want me to behave around you guys, it's best if you do not be rude to me first....

      I do have low self-esteem and depression (I know you have, Ian.. But I'm worse off and I've been through more pain over the years)...

      So fellas, please understand that I am not the bad girl....

      Yeah.. I did something that was so stupid... Like reblogging a nasty picture of Star Butterfly (I just liked the picture, not that I was a pedophile to a cartoon character).. 

      I found out that could be pedophila activity (even though I hated pedophile users in general...)

      So please understand this and goodbye..

      - R. K. Lunetta

      P.S I am not attacking you.. I just had to report about the situation of what is going on that site..

      P.P.S Once again, I am not a pedophile.. Period.. (I'm not here to attack either..)

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    • okay, before I go, there's a few points I have to say:

      1. Have you ever came close to actually killing yourself? Twice? And get sent to a mental hospital because of it? If not, you can't say you've been through worse. It's not a competition.

      2. Kaleb, Colton, Nicholas and the others aren't the ones who misunderstood the situation. IDK what you expected when you tried to attack my ROHV Page, that everyone turn against me and deletos me? No, I've been keeping in contact with them, explaining my situation to them May I also add you called me all those things, without a shred of proof? They're my friends, and I get along with all of them really well. And they've been following the situation from day one. So why would they believe someone who literally came over to a page I never linked to anyone (How TF did you even find it??), called me those things and ended with 'Fuck you'? I honestly don't understand.

      3. It's not reporting if they're my friends who I've explained the situation (Kaleb is also one who helped me expose you, and Alex (AWVRMan767 on DA) is the one who said 'Instead of harassing teens on DA, why not get a job instead?'. And there are others. Remember Aster?), they saw all the carnage, and you ended with 'FU'?

      4. Well, at least you finally realise.

      k, im done.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • You look cool. You need to edit more articles and comment to get badges. I like you.

    Can I be your friend?

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