This is a list of mistakes the animators made on any Mr. Men and Little Miss cartoons.


  • In Little Miss Trouble's episode, Little Miss Trouble lost her nose when she was tickled.
  • In "Airport" it shows Mr. Funny with Mr. Quiet and Mr. Bounce, but in the next cut, he is seen with Mr. Fussy, Little Miss Chatterbox, and Mr. Grumpy, also he lost his shoes when he is running.
  • In "Yard Work", Mr. Nosy is missing his tie.
  • In "Cooking", no ending was featured. This was fixed for the UK Version.
  • In "Ships", Little Miss Naughty is missing an eye patch in one shot.
  • In "Beach", there are two Mr. Stubborns in the beginning and the end of this episode.
  • In "Eyeglasses" Miss Whoops is supposed to be wearing Mr. Nervous's glasses, but after Mr. Bump falls from a plane, it shows her with her own glasses.
  • In "Snow", when Mr. Bounce delivers Mr. Stubborn's pizza, he says it's pepperoni, but when the box is opened, it looks like a supreme pizza. Also Mr Stubborn has three hairs when he walks to the door.
  • In "Goo", there are 2 mistakes: The time on Little Miss Chatterbox's clock changes, same with Mr. Grumpy's standing place in the goo.
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