Mr. Bounce Finds Paradise is the 23rd episode of the second season of Mr. Men and Little Miss. It was first broadcast on 23 March, 1996.


Mr. Bounce wakes up and gets out of bed and when he trips over his carpet, he ends up getting hurt and bouncing all over the place. He bounces out of his house and into the forest and lands into the rubbish pile outside Mr. Messy's house.

Then Mr. Bounce walks straight near Mr. Mischief who has a fishing rod. Mr. Mischief takes Mr. Bounce's hat off with his fishing rod and Mr. Bounce puts it back on. Then Mr. Mischief makes him trip over a skateboard and Mr. Bounce ends up losing his hat and again, bouncing all over the place and also bounces right into the basketball park where Mr. Tickle and Mr. Tall are playing basketball.

Later, Mr. Bounce bounces on a trampoline on the beach, thinking that nothing dangerous can happen to him there. But he realises that he is wrong when he becomes catapulted into the air by the weight of Mr. Greedy who decides to join him. Mr. Bounce he lands in the middle of the desert among the kangaroos! At last, Mr. Bounce has found the place to bounce without any nasty accidents.


UK Voices

  • Geoffrey Palmer - The Narrator
  • Jill Shilling - Little Miss Tidy
  • Gordon Peters - Mr. Tickle, Mr. Greedy, Mr. Messy, Mr. Mischief
  • Arnold Stang - Mr. Bounce, Mr. Tall

US Voices

  • Len Carlson - Mr. Tickle, Mr. Greedy, Mr. Tall
  • Alyson Court - Little Miss Tidy
  • Neil Crone - Mr. Messy, Mr. Bounce
  • Ron Rubin - The Narrator


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