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Mr. Clever's Daft Bet is the 6th episode of the third season of Mr. Men and Little Miss. It was first broadcast on 14 January, 1997.


Mr. Clever, Mr. Jelly and Little Miss Fun are on a camping trip in a cabin. While they are talking Mr. Jelly remembers Mr. Brave and Mr. Bump on a plane, Mr. Bump jumped out, but forgot his parachute, but Mr. Brave saves him. Mr. Clever makes a bet to see if she and Mr. Jelly can go parachuting. Mr. Clever soon thinks he made a bad bet and gets worried that he'll do the same Mr. Bump did. Little Miss Fun and Mr. Jelly set up the tent, and Mr. Clever argues with Little Miss Fun saying they'll get scared of the dark. Mr. Jelly and Little Miss Fun sleep in the tent, there is a ghost outside. Mr. Jelly woke up scared, he wakes up Miss Fun, telling her there is a ghost, but Miss Fun knows it's not a ghost. The faker ghost(Mr. Clever) takes off the sheet and pretends to be a werewolf, but Miss Fun grabs his leg and found out it's Mr. Clever, again! Mr. Clever went to bed and had a nightmare that he was Mr. Bump, and Little Miss Fun was Mr. Brave, but Mr. Clever crashed. A loud gong is heard, and it wakes up Mr. Jelly, who knocks down the tent. Mr. Clever wakes up and looks out the window and the tent was gone along with Mr. Jelly and Miss Fun. Mr. Clever thinks they were scared and thinks he won the bet. Mr. Clever looks in their rooms, but they are gone, he comes down and sees a tent downstairs, and screams so loud that Mr. Jelly and Miss Fun pop out laughing. Little Miss Fun then says, "Ready for your parachute jump, Mr. Clever?"

Produced in 1995


UK Voices

  • Geoffry Palmer - The Narrator
  • Jill Shilling - Little Miss Fun
  • Gordon Peters - Mr. Bump, Mr. Jelly, Mr. Clever

US Voices

  • Len Carlson - Mr. Clever
  • Alyson Court - Little Miss Fun
  • Neil Crone - Mr. Bump, Mr. Jelly
  • Ron Rubin - The Narrator


  • Mr. Bump was also bad with a parachute in Flying, an episode from the 2008 Show.
  • Little Miss Fun is the only Little Miss present