Mr. Clever Flies his Kite is the 50th episode of the third season of Mr. Men and Little Miss.

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One windy day, Mr. Clever went to Little Miss Neat's house to ask if see could fly a kite with him. Mr. Clever said that his kite was made from a map so the kite doesn't get lost.

On the hill, they met Mr. Greedy who was flying all of his kites shaped like food. Mr. Mean's kite was an old shirt and a couple of sticks. (He found it in his neighbor's garbage.) Mr. Muddle got his kite all muddled up. Mr. Forgetful forgot what he was doing on the hill. Mr. Tall helped untangle everyone else's kites. Little Miss Naughty's kite had water balloons to hit people who's under it. Little Miss Tiny and Mr. Small were blowing away on their kite but Mr. Tall saved them.

While Mr. Clever and his friends were flying their kites, Mr. Tickle showed up and tickled everyone. Mr. Clever thought that people's day would get ruined. So he had a clever idea. Mr. Tickle had to hold everyone else's kites while they were eating. Poor Mr. Tickle was so tired that he went home. Thanks to Mr. Clever's idea everyone had a great afternoon.



  • Mr. Clever's ears and Little Miss Neat's shoes disappear in one scene.
  • At the end of the episode Mr. Mean had a kite. But in a previous scene Mr. Tickle tickled him and his kite blew away. It is possible that Mr. Tickle managed to reach his kite.


  • This was the first segment of the US episode of Fitness Day.
  • The First thing Little Miss Bossy says to Little Miss Naughty is different in the UK and US version. In the UK Version she starts with Mate, in the US version she says Hey instead
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