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Mr. Clumsy


Book No.
28 (UK and US)
37 (France)
Release Date
April 14, 1976 (as he first appeared in Mr. Fussy's book)
March 5, 1978 (as a Book release)
Preceded by
Mr. Grumpy (UK and US)
Mr. Nonsense (France)
Followed by
Mr. Quiet (UK and US)
Mr. Cheerful (France)
First appearance

Mr. Clumsy is the twenty-eighth book in the Mr. Men series by Roger Hargreaves.

About him[]


  • Mr. Clumsy is green with a yellow nose.
  • His hair and moustache are messed up.
  • He wears brown shoes, one is untied.
  • He lives in Australia.
  • He has 9 cousins, one of them is Mr. Fussy.

Mr. Fussy's Story[]


Mr. Clumsy's first appearance in Mr. Fussy's book.

One evening, Mr. Fussy is working when his cousin (from Australia), Mr. Clumsy, comes to visit. He causes chaos and at the end of his stay,


Mr Clumsy 1

Mr. Clumsy front cover

Mr. Clumsy always breaks things or knocking things over. When he goes shopping, instead of taking one can, he knocks over the whole stack. On a farm, he falls into a puddle and goes home to take a bath. He falls into a linen basket. He falls out of a chair when he eats dinner. He has an accident before he goes to bed.

International publications & translations[]

Mr. Clumsy appears under the titles:

  • Monsieur Maladroit (French)
  • Unser Herr Tolpatsch (German, 1989)
  • Mister Tölpel (German, 2014)
  • Don Patoso (Castilian Spanish, 1988)
  • Don Desastre (Castilian Spanish, 1999)
  • Mr. Ganso (Chilean Spanish)
  • Don Torpezas (Mexican Spanish)
  • Meneertje Stuntel (Dutch, 1986)
  • Meneertje Onhandig (Dutch, 1998)
  • Ο Κύριος Αδέξιος (O Kýrios Adéxios) (Greek)
  • Hr. Hovsa (Danish)
  • Herr Kløne (Norwegian)
  • Herra Klaufi (Icelandic)
  • Pan Gapa (Polish)
  • Bay Sakar (Turkish)
  • 呆呆先生 (Dāi dāi Xiānshēng; Taiwan)
  • 笨拙先生 (Bènzhuō Xiānshēng; China)
  • 笨拙先生 (Ban⁶ zyut³ Sin¹ saang¹; Cantonese)
  • ぶきようくん (Bukiyō-Kun; Japanese)
  • 서툴러씨 (Seoturreo-ssi; Korean)
  • คุณเฟอะฟะ (Kun Fəa-Fa; Thai)
  • מר שלומיאל (Mar Shlumi'él; Hebrew, 1980)
  • מר מגושם (Mar Megushám; Hebrew, 2000)
  • آقا کوچولوی بی دست و پا (Bê-Dast va Pâ; Âqâ Kučulu-yePersian, Gohar Danesh)
  • آقای شلخته (Âqâ-ye Šelaxte; Persian, Avae Andisheh)
  • چلفتی خان (Čolofti-ye Xân; Persian, Ghadiyani)

Title character other appearances[]



Mr. Men Little Miss / ミスタ一メン リトルミス[]


  • In Little Miss Fabulous' book, he had pink hair and then perfect hair like Mr. Fussy. In the same book he is the only Mr. Man who copies Little Miss Fabulous.
  • His cousin, Mr. Fussy, came to visit him alongside with Mr. Nonsense and Little Miss Wise in his second episode Mr. Clumsy, Head Butler.
  • His first accident in the 1995 series is in Hurry Mr. Rush...autumn is coming!, where he is riding a bike in a circle and lands into Mr. Rush's house.
  • He appeared in 21 episodes in the 1995 TV Series.
  • His title 'Clumsiest Person in the World' could suggest that he is even more accident-prone than Mr. Bump.
  • Although he is said to come from Australia, in both the British and American dubs of Mr. Men and Little Miss, he's depicted with a British accent in the UK original and a Ed Wynn-like voice in the US dubs.
  • He appears to be rivals With Little Miss Star as it was revealed In "Mr. Clumsy, Head Butler", might be due to his behaviour.
  • Both he and Little Miss Helpful dislike Mr. Snooty and Little Miss Splendid, because of how rich they are and they also got bullied by them in their episodes, and Little Miss Magic (but Miss Helpful seems to like Miss Magic but Miss Magic doesn't, so Miss Magic despises Miss Helpful, and Little Miss Star (probably because she is far too famous and she also despises Mr. Clumsy), in which they both did in their episodes.
  • He is slightly more round than Mr. Fussy in Mr. Fussy's book.
  • He doesn't interact much with Mr. Fussy outside Mr. Fussy's book.
  • He likes to eat scrambled eggs.
  • In the French version of Mr. Fussy's book he's from America.
  • Moral: Do not go out being clumsy towards anyone, or else things would happen.


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