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Mr Daydream

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Book No.
13 (UK and US)
10 (France)
Release date
15 August, 1972
Preceded by
Mr. Small (UK and US)
Mr. Dizzy (France)
Followed by
Mr. Forgetful (UK and US)
Mr. Crosspatch (France)

Mr. Daydream is the thirteenth book in the Mr. Men series by Roger Hargreaves.

About him

  • Colour: Light blue
  • Shape: Cloud
  • Gender: Male
  • Personality: Daydreamer, Pleasant, Distracted, Escapist, Relieved, Entertained, Fantastical, Star-gazer, Astronomer
  • Hair: None
  • Relatives: Unknown
  • Friends: Mr. Happy, Mr Tickle, Little Miss Magic, Mr Impossible, Mr Small, Mr Uppity, Little Miss Prim, Little Miss Giggles, Little Miss Sunshine, Mr Dizzy
  • Rivals: Mr Rude, Little Miss Bad, Mr Clumsy, Little Miss Quick
  • Job: Living in people's imaginations
  • Voice Actors: Arthur Lowe (1975-1978), John Alderton (1983), Gordon Peters (Mr. Men and Little Miss), Len Carlson (US dub)


Mr. Daydream in the books

The story tells of a little boy named Jack. Now Jack was a very good little boy. He always ate up his lunch. He always went to bed when he was told. He always said "Please" and "Thank you." But, Jack was a daydreamer! Whenever he was supposed to be thinking about something, he found himself thinking about something else. Daydreaming! He is at school when his teacher is talking about history. He looks out the window and meets Mr. Daydream, who invites Jack to come on an adventure with him. They get on the back of a huge bird, and the bird flies them from place to place. In the jungle, a crocodile tricks them into using his back as a bridge, and tries to toss them into his mouth, reminiscent of what the fox did to The Gingerbread Man. The bird rescues them and takes Jack and Mr. Daydream to other places, such as the North Pole, and finally to the Wild West, where Mr. Daydream puts on a hat too big for him, and cannot see. He calls Jack's name from under the hat, and Jack realises that it wasn't Mr. Daydream calling Jack's name, but his teacher. When the teacher says Jack has been daydreaming, the reader realises daydreaming is more fun than history!

International publications & translations

Mr. Daydream appears under the titles

  • Monsieur Rêve (French)
  • Mr. Breuddwyd (Welsh)
  • Unser Herr Träumerisch (German, 1981)
  • Mister Träumer (German, 2010)
  • Fætter Dagdrøm (Danish)
  • Herr Dagdrøm (Norwegian)
  • Gubben Dagdröm (Swedish)
  • מר בעננים (First Hebrew Release)
  • מר חלמן (Second Hebrew Release)
  • Don Soñador (Spanish)
  • Meneertje Dagdroom/Meneertje Dromer (Dutch)
  • Ο Κύριος Όνειροπαρμένος (Greek, 1988)
  • Ο Κύριος Ονειροπόλος (Greek, 1990s)
  • 白日夢先生 (Taiwan/Cantonese)
  • Herra Dreyminn (Icelandic, 1980s)
  • Herra Draumur (Icelandic, 2002)
  • 白日梦先生 (China)
  • آقای رویایی (Persian, Avae Andisheh)
  • آقا کوچولوی رویایی (Persian, Gohar Danesh)
  • آقا خیال‌باف (Persian, Ghadiyah)
  • Senhor Sonhador (Portuguese)
  • 공상씨 (Korean)
  • ゆめみくん (Japanese)
  • Pan Marzyciel (Polish)
  • Bay Hayalperest (Turkish)
  • خیالاتچی به‌ی (Hayal taçı Bay; Iranian Turkish)

List of characters

This is a list of Mr. Men, Little Miss and other special characters that appear in this book.

  • Jack
  • Elephant
  • Crocodile
  • Teacher
  • Giant Bird

Title character other appearances

Books that the title character has also appeared in

Episodes that the title character has also appeared in


  • On TV, his episode breaks the fourth wall, "This is a story about Mr. Daydream, you know what he looks like don't you? Because you've seen at the beginning, It's also about a little boy named Jack, but you don't know what he looks like so here's a picture of him."
  • His favourite drink is water.
  • He is the only cloud shaped character.
  • According to a German audio tape known as Herr Glücklich Und Seine Freunde 4, he is called Theo Träumerisch.


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