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'Everyone makes fun of me. I'm tired of being so stupid."
"Now don't talk like that! You're not as dumb as you think! Just tell yourself you're clever!'
— Mr. Dizzy and Rex in "Mr. Dizzy goes Doggy—sitting"
Mr. Dizzy


Book No.
24 (UK and US)
9 (France)
Release Date
14 April 1976
Preceded by
Mr. Muddle (UK and US)
Mr. Nosey (France)
Followed by
Mr. Impossible (UK and US)
Mr. Daydream (France)
First appearance

Mr. Dizzy is the twenty-fourth book in the Mr. Men series by Roger Hargreaves.

About him[]



Mr. Dizzy in the Mr. Men books


Mr. Dizzy in the early prints of Mr. Men books

Mr Dizzy First Edition

The first edition of Mr. Dizzy

Mr. Dizzy lives in Cleverland, where everybody is clever except for him - until, one day, because a pig and an elephant take advantage of him, he wishes himself clever as he drinks from a wishing well, despite being unaware of its magical properties. He returns and the 2 ask him some more questions, but he gets all of them right, much to their surprise. To get back at the two, he asks the pig, 'What's fat and pink and goes Atishoo, Atishoo?' (This is replaced with 'Achoo! Achoo!' in the US edition). The pig is flummoxed until Mr. Dizzy tickles the pig's nose, causing him to sneeze and say, 'Atishoo! Atishoo!' Next, he asks the elephant, 'What's large and grey and goes Dopit, Dopit?' The elephant is clueless until Mr. Dizzy ties a knot in the elephant's trunk, causing him to declare, 'Dopit! Dopit!' and, addressing the readers, 'I duppose doo dink dat's fuddy.'

International publications & translations[]

Mr. Dizzy appears under the titles:

  • Monsieur Nigaud (French)
  • Unser Herr Dussel (German, 1983)
  • Mister Dämlich (German, 2012)
  • Mr. Tiritón (Chilean Spanish)
  • Don Chiflade (Castilian Spanish)
  • Meneer Suizebol (Dutch, 1978)
  • Meneertje Domoor (Dutch, 1986)
  • Ο Κύριος Χαζούλης (O Kýrios Chazoúlis) (Greek)
  • Fætter Dumbum (Danish, 1981)
  • Hr. Tummelumsk (Danish, 2012)
  • Herr Svimmel (Norwegian)
  • Herra Rugli (Icelandic)
  • Pan Zawrotek (Polish)
  • 傷腦筋先生 (Shāng Nǎojīn Xiānshēng; Taiwan)
  • 迟钝先生 (Chídùn Xiānshēng; China, Future Publishing House)
  • 晕先生 (Yùn Xiānshēng; China, Egmont)
  • 頭暈先生 (Tau⁴ wan⁴ Sin¹ saang¹; Cantonese)
  • オロカさん (Oroka-San; Japanese, 1978)
  • まぬけくん (Manuke-Kun; Japanese, 2016)
  • 우둔씨 (Udun-ssi; Korean)
  • מר טושטוש (Mar Tush-tush; Hebrew, 1978)
  • מר סחרחר (Mar S'kharkhar; Hebrew, 1998)
  • מר מבולבל (Mar Mivulbal) (Hebrew, 2024)
  • آقای گیج (Âqâ-ye Gij; Persian, Avae Andisheh)
  • آقا کوچولوی گیج (Âqâ Kučulu-ye Gij; Persian, Gohar Danesh)
  • کم‌هوش آقا (Kam-huš-e Âqâ; Persian, Ghadiyani)

List of characters[]

This is a list of Mr. Men, Little Miss and other special characters that appear in this book.

Other appearances[]

This is a list of other books that the title character has appeared in.

Book Appearances[]
Television Appearances[]

Mr. Men Little Miss / ミスターメン リトルミス[]


Mr Dizzy Early Illustration

Early publications of Mr. Dizzy depicted the Cleverland Bird smoking a cigar. This was re-illustrated in the 1990's and all future publications

  • In earlier prints when Mr. Dizzy was published, he was dark brown instead of light brown. As of more recent publishing, he is light brown, although in some pages of more recent prints, he has appeared a medium brown. The reasons for his colour change is unknown.
  • Also in earlier prints of the book, the clever bird was standing on the branch of a tree and smoking a cigar. This was changed in 1990 to making him wear a mortarboard hat and carry a book.
  • Mr. Dizzy is stronger than Little Miss Trouble.
  • Despite his low intelligence, he makes up for it with his big heart.
  • In "Mr. Men Little Miss: Talent Show," Mr. Dizzy's talent is reciting the alphabet with a pig. This isn't easy for him given his low intelligence.
  • Mr. Dizzy is the only character in the Mr. Men books to have a neck.


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