Mr. Funny and the Magic Lamp is an entry in the Mr. Men and Little Miss Magic series.


Mr. Funny has discovered a magic flying carpet which flies him to the desert! There he finds a magic lamp with a very sad Genie who offers to grant him three wishes. What fun! What will Mr. Funny wish for? And will any of his wishes make the Genie smile? A fantastic retelling of the story of Aladdin with some of your favourite Mr. Men.


  • Mr. Funny
  • The Genie
  • Mr. Sneeze (does not speak)
  • Mr. Lazy (does not speak)
  • Mr. Skinny (does not speak)


  • This book was first released in 2014, which, coincidentally, was the year Robin Williams (known for the voice of the Genie in Disney's Aladdin) passed away.


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