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'Sweet Henrietta! (US)/Sweet apple strudel! (UK)'
— Mr. Fussy/Per(s)nickety
Mr. Fussy


Book No.
21 (UK and US)
24 (France)
Release Date
Preceded by
Mr. Chatterbox (UK and US)
Mr. Rush (France)
Followed by
Mr. Bounce (UK and US)
Mr. Skinny (France)
First appearance
Mr. Fussy (Cartoon) (as Mr. Fussy)
Physical (as Mr. Per(s)nickety)

Mr. Fussy is the twenty-first book in the Mr. Men series by Roger Hargreaves.

About him[]



Mr. Fussy Book


Mr. Fussy's first front cover

Mr. Fussy dislikes imperfection. He keeps his hair combed, his mustache trimmed, his shoelaces tied and his house neat. Because of this, people have taken to calling him a "fussy old fusspot".

One evening, his cousin (from Australia), Mr. Clumsy, comes to visit. He causes chaos and at the end of his stay, everything of the house is disastrous. However, things just get worse for Mr. Fussy when Mr. Bump visits.

The Mr. Men Show[]


Mr. Fussy in The Mr. Men Show

In The Mr. Men Show, he retains his yellow nose and neatly combed hair (although it has a darker colour) but is renamed Mr. Per(s)nickety. He now has a black bow tie, reading glasses, brown shoes, a more neatly waxed mustache that looks like a Luigi mustache, and a lime-green colored body. He lives next door to Mr. Messy in a duplex-style house. He and Mr. Messy often are at odds.

In Season 2, he retains his same looks but is darker green and his name is changed back to Mr. Fussy. His hair is deceptively the same, but it's actually now black and stringy. He thinks Little Miss Magic's popping out of nowhere is rude.

In Physical, Mr. Per(s)nickety was a judge in the Olympic-like sport and along with the other judges, failed everyone except Mr. Strong. He later participated in the relay race. Mr. Per(s)nickety was the last runner on orange team, but despite his early start, Mr. Quiet overtook him. Luckily, the skunk that Mr. Quiet was carrying released its stink allowing Mr. Per(s)nickety to win.


Book Trivia[]

  • Moral: Don't make much ado about nothing.
  • In some earlier prints of Mr. Fussy, his shoes are red instead of orange.
  • In Mr. Mischief's book, he was seen without half of his mustache (Mr. Mischief cut one half off).
  • He's the first Mr. Man with hair.
  • His cousin is Mr. Clumsy.
  • According to a German audio tape known as Herr Glücklich Und Seine Freunde 4, he is called Otto Ordetlich.
  • According to a Mr. Men treasury released in 2015, Roger Hargreaves based him on his fussy young daughter, Amelia, who hated bits in her marmalade and liked things to be just so!
  • Mr. Clumsy appears in this story before his own.

Mr. Men and Little Miss Trivia[]

The Mr. Men Show Trivia[]

  • In his prototype/beta design, Mr. Fussy wore a brown tweed vest. He is seen wearing it in the pinball game and the show's colouring page.
  • In "Home Improvement" when he and Mr. Messy were attacking each other with Little Miss Magic's paint wand, he briefly changes into his light green colour scheme from the first season.
    • Additionally, he is shown in that colour scheme in a group shot in "Cinema" as an error, but is quickly fixed afterward.
  • In early storyboards, when Mr. Fussy goes swimming, he wears a yellow-striped swimsuit.
  • While one of his catchphrases is "Sweet Henrietta," it is changed to "Sweet Apple Strudel" in the UK version where he has a German accent.
  • In "Beach", Mr. Fussy (Per(s)nickety's) feet are regular like the other Mr. Men and Little Misses, but in "Shoes", they are pointed.
  • In "Beach", it's revealed that Mr. Per(s)nickety has many bow ties at his home.
  • His mouth can be shown when his moustache lifts up. (Amusement Park, Fair, Birds, Inventions, Trains, Beach).
  • His frightened eyes are seen in 3 episodes in season 1 (Amusement Park, Fair, Beach).
  • He is a talented piano player, as shown in "Sleep" and "Telephone". Mr. Rude rudely interrupts his concerts, though.
  • He is one of the three characters to wear glasses, the others being Mr. Nervous and Little Miss Whoops.
  • He is one of the three characters with some sort of tie, the others are Mr. Nosey and Mr. Funny.
  • According to director Mark Risley, Mr. Fussy's voice was modeled after actor Gale Gordon.
  • In Library, he became scribble shaped like Mr. Messy at the very end.
  • The reason for his initial name change before being reverted was, according to Eryk Casemiro, "it sounded more alliterative".
  • According to Mark Risley, the reason Mr. Per(s)nickety was changed back into Mr. Fussy was because Chorion didn't like how he was, which is the same reason why Little Miss Calamity got removed from Season 2.
  • Despite disliking all things filthy, Mr. Fussy does enjoy the occasional mud bath as he discovered for himself in Bath and Bubbles.
  • In Robots, Mr. Fussy is revealed to really like waffles as he literally dropped everything when he overheard Little Miss Scary deciding to use her robot to toast waffles.


  • It is revealed in The Great Alphabet Hunt that he dislikes spinach.
  • He enjoys working out.
  • Mr. Fussy is currently being used as the icon of the Rewrite template of this wiki.


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International publications & translations[]

Mr. Fussy appears under the titles:

  • Mr. Ffws (Welsh)
  • Mr. Éisealach (Irish)
  • Monsieur Tatillon (French)
  • Unser Herr Ordentlich (German, 1982)
  • Mister Pingelig (German, 2011)
  • Don Pulcro (Castilian Spanish)
  • Don Todoensulugar (Mexican Spanish)
  • Mr. Pinta (Chilean Spanish)
  • Meneer Precies (Dutch)
  • Ο Κύριος Επιμελής (Greek, 1994)
  • Ο Κύριος Ιδιότροπου (Greek, 1996)
  • Hr. Pernittengryn (Danish)
  • Herr Pirkete (Norwegian)
  • Herra Nostri (Icelandic)
  • Pan Czepialski (Polish)
  • Мистер Чистюля (Mister Chistyulya; Russian)
  • 挑剔先生 (Tiāoti Xiānshēng; China)
  • 挑剔先生 (Tiāotī Xiānshēng; Taiwan)
  • 挑剔先生 (Tiu¹ tik¹ Sin¹ saang¹; Cantonese)
  • キチョウメンさん (Kichōmen-San; Japanese, 1979)
  • こうるさくん (Kōrusa-Kun; Japanese, 2014)
  • 꼼꼼씨 (Kkomkkom-ssi; Korean)
  • 깐깐씨 (Kkankkan-ssi; Korean in The Mr. Men Show, Cartoon Network dub)
  • 옹졸씨 (Ongjol-ssi; Korean in The Mr. Men Show, EBS dub)
  • מר טרחן (Mar Tarkhán; Hebrew, 1978)
  • מר קפדן (Mar Kapdán; Hebrew, 1998)
  • מר דקדקן (Mar Dakdekán; Hebrew in The Mr. Men Show)
  • السيد متطلب (As-Sayyadu Mutaṭallib; Arabic)
  • آقای وسواسی (Âqâ-ye Vasvâsi; Persian, Avae Andisheh)
  • آقای وسواسی‌ خان (Âqâ-ye Vasvâsi-ye Xân; Persian, Panosht)
  • آقا وسواسی (Âqâ Vasvâsi; Persian, Ghadiyani)

List of characters[]

This is a list of Mr. Men, Little Miss and other special characters that appear in this book.

  • Mr. Clumsy (he appears in this book before his own)
  • Mr. Bump (mentioned only seen in TV version of story)

Title character other appearances[]

Book Appearances[]

Television Appearances[]

  1. Mr. Fussy (TV) (debut)
  2. The Great Alphabet Hunt (TV)
  3. Mr. Strong: King of the Circus (TV) (cameo)
  4. Mr. Fussy Takes a Well Earned Break (TV)
  5. Mr. Small's Big Dream (TV) (cameo)
  6. What a Question, Little Miss Curious (TV) (cameo) (with no shoes)
  7. Little Miss Late Beats Them All! (TV)
  8. Little Miss Neat Sees Spots (TV)
  9. Another Victory for Little Miss Splendid (TV) (cameo)
  10. Little Miss Tidy and the Winning Ticket (TV)
  11. Mr. Forgetful the World's Best Actor (TV) (cameo)
  12. Hello, Pizza Express? (Mr. Busy) (TV) (mentioned)
  13. Mr. Clumsy Head Butler (TV) (cameo)
  14. Little Miss Star Goes to Jollywood (TV) (cameo) (bald)
  15. Mr. Clever's Invention (cameo) (on the 2011 Australian DVD cover)
  16. A Job for Little Miss Giggles (TV) (cameo)
  17. Little Miss Chatterbox Goes to Seatown (TV) (without his shoes)
  18. Mr. Lazy Takes an Afternoon Nap (TV) (cameo) (without his shoes)
  19. Little Miss Wise's Day Out at the Fun Fair (TV) (cameo) (bald)
  20. Mr. Strong Makes a Big Splash (cameo) (on the Australian DVD cover)
  21. Mr. Silly's Silly Secret (TV) (cameo)
  22. Mr. Chatterbox and the Parrot (TV) (cameo)
  23. Mr. Noisy, the music man (TV) (cameo)
  24. Mr. Muddle Goes Skating (TV, bald and no mostache)
  25. Little Miss Helpful Goes to the Fair (TV)
  26. Little Miss Trouble and the Magic Paint (TV)
  27. Thank Goodness For Mr. Slow (TV) (cameo)
  28. The Christmas Letter (TV)

Mr. Men Little Miss / ミスターメン リトルミス[]

Mini Cinema[]


Mr-Fussy 4A

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