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Mr. Grumpy is the grumpiest person in the world. He is always in a bad mood, hating anyone or anything he comes across. He can't stand books so he tears out all of the pages from it, and he pulls up any flowers growing in his garden.

Mr. Happy threads into Mr. Grumpy's garden unbeknownst how bad his temper is. Upon addressing it, Mr. Grumpy stamps on his foot and slams the door behind the visitor. Mr. Happy requests the help of Mr. Tickle to teach Mr. Grumpy a lesson. They stalk him during his routine of going shopping and whenever Mr. Grumpy is unkind towards anyone, Mr. Tickle makes him jump with a tickle.

Eventually when facing Mr. Happy a second time, Mr. Happy delightedly tells him that if he was less grumpy that he wouldn't have that weird feeling that has been following him all day. With that, Mr. Grumpy has learnt his lesson and is no longer grumpy. When he picks up a book, he only tears out one page.




The transcript for "Mr. Grumpy (Cartoon)" can be found here.


  • This is the first episode for several things
    • The first appearance of Mr. Grumpy.
    • The first episode not to have Mr. Dizzy appear since his debut appearance.


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