Mr. Happy Finds a Hobby is the second book in the Mr. Men New Library series.


The original 1998 cover Egmont World release


Mr. Happy is a very happy sort of a person, and wishes for everyone to be happy. When he is out for his walk in the woods, he meets Mr. Grumble, who is fishing and grumbling. Mr. Happy asks why he is doing this. Mr. Grumble responds by saying that he needs something to do as a hobby. Mr. Happy offers to help out finding Mr. Grumble a hobby he likes doing. They meet Mr. Rush who likes to go fast in his car, but Mr. Grumble hates going fast. Then they meet Little Miss Giggles who loves giggling! They go to the circus to see the clowns, but Mr. Grumble doesn't find them funny. Then they try on fancy hats with Little Miss Splendid, play practical jokes with Mr. Mischief, bounce with Mr. Bounce, and look through keyholes with Mr. Nosey, but try as they cannot find a hobby! After a long day of not finding a hobby, Mr. Happy meets Mr. Impossible who asks his advice for the best hobby Mr. Grumble. Mr. Impossible says it would be impossible, and Mr. Grumble storms off home. The next day, Mr. Happy had finally got an idea! He runs off to see Mr. Grumble and tells him to take up fishing as a hobby, and what does Mr. Grumble do best? He enjoys to grumble! And that makes him happy!



This story appears on the cassette known as Mr. Happy and Friends under the name of "Mr. Happy Helps Out". Some of the characters are replaced or added, such as Mr. Greedy who replaces Mr. Rush, Mr. Lazy who replaces Little Miss Splendid, Little Miss Neat who replaced Mr. Mischief, and Mr. Messy and Mr. Funny were added to this version of the story. Also, the original ending was edited to have Mr. Grumble collect people's complaints from newspapers.


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