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Mr. Impossible's Lesson is the 13th episode of the third season of Mr. Men and Little Miss. It was first broadcast on 24 January 1997


Mr. Impossible is walking and jumping over the roofs of Misterland, when he notices Little Miss Shy nervously standing outside the Bakery, and blunty says to himself "You'll never get any bread if you keep missing your turn." As he then proceeds to jump across the clouds and onto the roof of Mr. Upptiy's mansion, noticing him barbequing some food. Mr. Uppity freaks out wondering where his breadrolls are, realizing they haven't been delivered, and in his rude manner, marches straight over there, much to Mr. Impossible's distaste. As he follows him along, the food Mr. Uppity was grilling proceeds to catch fire.

When he arrives, Mr. Uppity tells Little Miss Shy to get out of the way and to not even bother saying hello, upsetting her, Mr. Bump tells him there is no bread left, much to Mr. Uppity's frustration. Mr. Clumsy then appears with the breadrolls, but then trips over spilling them everywhere. Mr. Uppity lashes out at both of them, causing Mr. Impossible to decide it's time to teach Mr. Uppity a lesson, he then notices smoke, and decides to go investigate.

Little Miss Shy finds Mr. Uppity's house on fire, but is unable to pluck up the courage to tell the fire brigade. It was then Mr. Impossible had an idea, he alerts Mr. Uppity, Mr. Bump and Mr. Clumsy about the fire using an impression of Little Miss Shy's voice. When they arrive, the fire brigade have still yet to come, so Little Miss Shy asks for Mr. Uppity's garden hose, however, he is not keen at all to let them use it as he still views them as useless fools. Mr. Impossible then gives Mr. Clumsy and Mr. Bump the power to go grab the hose and put out the fire, which they do, much to Mr. Uppity's surpise, claiming that it is "Impossible", which Mr. Impossible says to himself that "nothing's impossible".

The fire brigade eventually arrive to find the fire already put out. The fire chief congratulates Mr. Bump, Mr. Clumsy and Little Miss Shy, but he is cut off by Mr. Uppity who proceeds to chastise them for taking their time. He tries to say that it was a good thing Mr. Bump, Mr. Clumsy, and Little Miss Shy were able to do the job for them, but he is unable to finish his sentence until the fire chief manages to piece what he is trying to say together and asks him "Well what do we say now, Mr. Uppity?". Mr. Uppity nervously stutters "Thank You", causing the three to respond with "That's impossible!". Mr. Impossible then says "but true" and winks before the episode fades out.



  • It is revealed that Little Miss Shy is possibly enemies with Mr. Uppity.
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