Mr. Jelly's Show of Bravery is the 11th episode of the second season of Mr. Men and Little Miss. It was first broadcast on 9 March, 1997.


Mr. Jelly lives in a little house on the edge of a wood. One day he was hiding underneath his bed when he hears a knock at the door. Whilst out walking in the woods one day, Little Miss Tiny drops in on Mr. Jelly who, delighted by this unexpected visit, invites Little Miss Tiny to lunch after going wild strawberry picking. But the hours tick by and Little Miss Tiny doesn't turn up. Mr. Jelly goes outside, worried that something had happened to her. As Walter the Worm pops out of a hole in the ground, Mr. Jelly gets frightened and runs back inside.

He gives a call to Mr. Rush who turns up as he is still on the phone. After doing a rushed search through the forest, he returns to Mr. Jelly's house, saying that Little Miss Tiny isn't in the forest. Being Mr. Rush, he didn't search very long or very hard. He then leaves, saying that he has an appointment. Mr. Jelly phones Little Miss Contrary who searches his house, rather than the forest for Little Miss Tiny. She leaves after checking the wardrobe, exiting his house through the window, saying that Little Miss Greedy isn't in his house. Mr. Bounce tries to help Mr. Jelly, but being Mr. Bounce, he loses control of his bounce and bounces off until he is out of sight.

A terrible storm blows up and... still no sign of Little Miss Tiny... In desperation, Mr. Jelly braves the storm and sets off into the woods to look for Little Miss Tiny. And for once, it's thanks to Mr. Jelly's amazing courage that Little Miss Tiny is found safe and sound. Back at Mr. Jelly's house, he and Little Miss Tiny sit down and eat cake. Mr. Bounce bounces inside and lands on the cake, squashing it. Mr. Jelly and Little Miss Tiny laugh as Mr. Bounce expresses his delight at having found Little Miss Tiny himself.


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