Mr. Men Adventure With Minibeasts is part of the Mr. Men Adventures series of books. It was released in late May 2019.


Poor Little Miss Tiny. She has lost her favourite thimble, and it's up to Mr. Happy, Little Miss Inventor, Little Miss Bossy, Mr. Strong, Mr. Tickle, Little Miss Sunshine and Little Miss Giggles to get it back! They use Little Miss Inventor's shrinkometer machine to reduce them to insect size to traverse through the grass, underground tunnels, and the garden pond to retreive it. They do find it eventually. A sleeping caterpillar is wearing it as a hat. When they retreive it, they eventually grow back to normal size, until Little Miss Curious comes along and wants to know how the shrinkometer works. However, she presses a button that makes Little Miss Tiny grow very huge! But she needn't have worried, because Mr. Happy tells her that she'll never lose her thimble again.



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