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Ready, Steady, Bake! is part of the Mr. Men Celebrations series of books. It was released in August 2019.


It's time for the Summer Fete Baking Contest and the Mr Men and Little Miss are all getting ready to compete. Little Miss Neat has measured all her ingredients very carefully, whilst Mr Impossible is baking his pineapple upside down cake ... upside down! Who will the judges choose as the winner? And will anyone remind Mr Forgetful to turn his oven on?


Mr. Clever's in a dilemma. Who could he possibly pick as the judges for the upcoming summer fete baking contest for which the Mr. Men and Little Miss have been practicing for?

  • Little Miss Busy had been making loads of cakes.
  • Little Miss Neat made a jam tart
  • Mr. Rush was not being the slightest bit careful and rushed making the cake
  • Little Miss Naughty ruined Mr. Worry's cake by loosening the lid on his food mixer making icing spill all over the place
  • Mr. Silly made a sausage roll by rolling it down the hill.

The day before the competition, the Mr. Men and Little Miss go shopping to buy ingredients for their cake, for example, Mr. Perfect buys chocolate, strawberries, vanilla and cream while old meanie only buys one currant.

The day of the bake off arrives and of course, there are a number of disasters involving Mr. Forgetful, Mr. Wrong, Mr. Muddle and Little Miss Whoops.

Little Miss Naughty does the pie-in-the-face gag on Mr. Clever.

As soon as all the cakes are assembled, Mr. Clever has chosen two people who know all there is to know about food as the judges....

As soon as they head back it turns out that Mr. Greedy and Little Miss Greedy who Mr. Clever chose as the judges have eaten everything without telling who's is who's. oops.

On the plus side though, at least everyone got 1st prize, on the downside though, poor Mr. Clever is clearly left in doubt (As well as the author) of how clever he really is...


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