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Mr. Men Little Miss: Talent Show is an entry in the Mr. Men and Little Miss book series. It was released on 4 August, 2022.


Come along to the Mr. Men and Little Miss talent show!


When Little Miss Curious and Mr. Nosey invite everyone to show off their hidden talents, they discover that the Mr. Men and Little Miss are a very talented bunch indeed. Join all your favourite Mr. Men and Little Miss as they take to the stage and show off all their unique - and sometimes very silly - talents!

List of Characters[]


  • This is the first time Little Miss Curious and Mr. Nosey interact with each other
  • List of talents everyone has
    • Little Miss Curious: Can stand on one hand
    • Mr. Nosey: Can stand on his nose
    • Mr. Greedy: Can eat 15 hot dogs in 15 seconds
    • Little Miss Whoops: Can knock over paint cans in 15 seconds
    • Mr. Clever: Can recite the entire English dictionary
    • Mr. Funny: Does a clown act
    • Little Miss Twins: They do a double act
    • Mr. Silly: Peeling a banana (bananas aren't eaten in Nonsenseland without the skin).
    • Mr. Impossible: Can eat fire while perched on the trunk of a bicycle riding elephant
    • Mr. Grumpy: Can sing opera
    • Mr. Tickle: Can play the trombone
    • Little Miss Naughty: Can tap dance while riding a skateboard
    • Mr. Strong: Can juggle tennis balls, cannon balls, the smaller Mr. Men and Little Misses, and refrigerators
    • Little Miss Bossy: Can train her dog, Rover, to jump through hoops
    • Mr. Dizzy and his pig: Can recite the alphabet...sort of
    • Little Miss Scary: Can train spiders to dance
    • Little Miss Brave: Can ride a unicycle over a pit of sharks
    • Mr. Noisy: Can burp out the UK national anthem, "God Save the Queen"
    • Mr. Rude: Can tell rude jokes (Even the kind that aren’t very appropriate)
    • Mr. Bounce: The Human Cannonball
    • Little Miss Somersault: Can balance on anything
    • Little Miss Shy: Can do a puppet show
    • Little Miss Fun, Mr. Cool, Mr. Skinny, Mr. Rush, Little Miss Neat, and Little Miss Quick: A dance group
    • Mr. Forgetful: Forgot his talent


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