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Mr. Men Little Miss: The New King is a Mr. Men and Little Miss story. It was released on 13 April, 2023[1]


Join the Mr. Men and Little Miss as they welcome the arrival of the new king in this charming and funny new story! It's a right royal giggle from start to finish!


The new king is visiting the Mr. Men and Little Miss on his royal tour and everyone is very excited. In Happyland, Mr. Happy and Little Miss Sunshine have planted a special flower display, while in Loudland, Mr. Noisy and his band have been practising day and night! But will everything go to plan and what will be in store for the new king in Nonsenseland?!

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  • This book was made in honor of the coronation of King Charles III.
  • This marks the first appearance of The King of Nonsenseland since Mr. Men Sports Day (2010 Version)
  • This is the first story since his name change that "Mr. Uppity" was referred to as "Mr. Snooty"


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