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  1. Mr. Happy and the Wizard
  2. Little Miss Sunshine and the Wicked Witch
  3. Mr. Tickle and the Dragon
  4. Little Miss Naughty and the Good Fairy
  5. Mr. Jelly and the Pirates
  6. Little Miss Trouble and the Mermaid
  7. Mr. Bump and the Knight
  8. Little Miss Splendid and the Princess
  9. Mr. Noisy and the Giant
  10. Little Miss Lucky and the Naughty Pixies
  11. Mr. Strong and the Ogre
  12. Little Miss Stubborn and the Unicorn
  13. Mr. Nosey and the Beanstalk
  14. Little Miss Shy and the Fairy Godmother
  15. Mr. Greedy and the Gingerbread Man
  16. The Three Little Misses and the Big Bad Wolf
  17. Little Miss Chatterbox and the Frog Prince
  18. Mr. Funny and the Magic Lamp
  19. Little Miss Sunshine and the Three Bears
  20. Little Miss Princess and the Pea

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