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Mr. Men and Little Miss - Haunted Halloween (formerly: Mr. Men - Adventure with Monsters) is the recent entry in the Mr. Men Adventures series. It was originally released on 5 September 2019 with the renamed title coming out September 12th 2024[1].


Little Miss Scary and her friends become stranded near a haunted house and encounter some spooky monsters including a mummy, a vampire and a werewolf! But when Mr. Jelly accidentally chooses Big Foot's boot as his hiding place from the monsters, he learns that not all monsters are as scary as they seem.


Little Miss Scary, Mr. Jelly and their friends are all in for a night to remember when Little Miss Scary's car breaks down near a haunted house on their way to the funfair. They decide to go into the haunted house to see if they can get help and to their horror they find that Frankenstein's Monster lives in the house and they flee into the library, where Mr. Tickle finds a ghost whom he fails to tickle.

They all flee to different rooms in the house where Little Miss Neat and Little Miss Quick encounter a werewolf and a skeleton in the bedroom, the latter of whom Little Miss Quick overpowers, Little Miss Scary and Mr. Bump encounter a Mummy in the bathroom and Mr. Bump accidentally shares the bath with the Mummy, Mr. Jelly and Mr. Greedy encounter Dracula in the attic, but Mr. Greedy scares off Drac because he had eaten some garlic before they came.

Eventually they regroup and run into the kitchen but the minute they see a slime monster, they run out, but Mr. Messy is not fast enough and gets covered in slime.

Mr. Jelly, having gotten separated from the others because the others were way too fast, finds a giant boot and the boot turns out to belong to a Sasquatch who actually gets scared of Mr. Jelly and Mr. Jelly comes to a realization about the monsters...

Little Miss Scary and her friends arrive in the lounge and think that they have outrun the monsters only to see that not only is an abominable snowman waiting for them but that the Sasquatch has seemingly "captured" Mr. Jelly. Little Miss Scary, Mr. Tickle, Little Miss Neat, Little Miss Giggles, Little Miss Quick and Mr. Forgetful all think it's the end for them when all the monsters come into the room...

...But then it turns out the monsters aren't out to kill them and just wanted to have tea with them. After tea is over, Frankenstein's Monster gives them some fuel to get to the funfair. However, when they get to the funfair, Little Miss Scary decides that they should simply go home, feeling that she and her friends had had enough scares for the night.



  • It's very likely that this book was written to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Scooby-Doo, but there is no evidence to support this.


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