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Mr. Men and Little Miss - Mr. Tickle’s Post is an interactive book. It is set for release on 10 October, 2024[1].


Mr. Stamp, the Happyland postman, is very busy delivering Mr. Tickle lots of post! Join Mr. Tickle in this fun, interactive adventure with six envelopes to open, including letters, postcards and pictures of Mr. Men Little Miss friends to enjoy!

Mr. Tickle’s extraordinarily long arms are put to good use in this interactive novelty book, which sees him being invited to Nonsenseland to tickle a friend and having fun at the Happyland Fair! Open the envelopes to discover a letter from Mr. Silly, a map of Nonsenseland, a postcard and recipe from Little Miss Sunshine, a leaflet and vouchers for the Happyland Fair, a photobooth strip of pictures of his friends and a very special birthday card!

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