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Mr. Men and Little Miss Visit Northern France (French Title: Les Monsieur Madame Visitent Le Nord) is a book released only in France by Hachette Jeunesse Publishing on 7 February 2024. It was written by Marine Baudoin.


The Mr. Men and Little Misses are heading off to explore the north of France! From the Grand Place in Lille to the Dunkirk carnival ball, via the Calais lighthouse, they will admire, climb, taste and even party!

List of Characters[]


  • This book marks the triumphant return of Little Miss Careful, Little Miss Loud and Little Miss Pretty in over 34 years.
    • This also marks the first time Little Miss Loud and Little Miss Pretty appear outside their own stories.
  • This book is also the first time Mr. Marvelous made an appearance in any book since his own story in 2016 and Little Miss Fabulous since Mr. Men and Little Miss - Sports and Exercise Day.
  • This book marks the return of Little Miss Careful since the 1997 France-Exclusive "I Grow up with Mr. Men & Little Miss" binders published by the company of the same name.
  • Several of the characters were wearing clothes in this book.


  • In one illustration, Little Miss Somersault's nose is yellowish green.
  • Little Miss Trouble has Little Miss Late's hairstyle


Book Cover[]

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