Mr. Men and Little Miss and the King of the Cakes (Les Monsieur Madame et la Galette des Rois) is a France-only book released on November 13th 2014.


Little Miss Splendid has told all her friends to taste the King of the Cakes. Between the preparation and the tasting, this day is full of emotion for Little Miss Splendid!


  • Little Miss Splendid
  • Little Miss Bossy (does not speak)
  • Mr. Mischief (does not speak)
  • Mr. Nosey (does not speak)
  • Mr. Greedy
  • Mr. Perfect
  • Mr. Bump (Does not speak)
  • Mr. Impossible (does not speak)
  • Little Miss Princess (does not speak)
  • Little Miss Tiny (does not speak)
  • Little Miss Naughty (does not speak)
  • Mr. Messy (does not speak)
  • Mr. Rush (does not speak)


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