Mr. Men and the Tooth Fairy is an entry in the Mr. Men Celebrations series.


Little Miss Curious and her friend George are basking under the cool shade of a tree when George suddenly tells her that he has a missing tooth which he put under his pillow so the Tooth Fairy can give him money for it. Little Miss Curious wishes to know what the tooth fairy looks like and where she lives, so she asks Mr. Muddle what the it looks like. He replies by saying it has yellow feathers and a beak. Little Miss Curious then decides to ask Mr. Wrong where the tooth fairy lives. He replies by saying in a tree. So that night, when Little Miss Curious is out looking for the answer to her question, she sees a glowing green light. It was the Tooth Fairy! She was collecting fallen out teeth from a sleeping child in his bedroom. Then the tooth fairy flies up to her house in a tree, and Little Miss Curious couldn't believe it! Mr. Wrong was right! The Tooth Fairy does live in a tree all along! But that doesn't stop Little Miss Curious from asking questions. She asks Mr. Wrong why he was right about it? He replies by he's not right. He's left.



The French version is called "Mr. Men and Little Miss and the little mouse" and has different illustrations due to the French custom of believing that the Tooth Fairy is a mouse.


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