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Mr. Messy was always messy, he leaves messy fingerprints wherever he goes. He lives in a house with broken windows, paint that is peeling off, missing tiles from the roof, and a dirty garden. His routine was leaving everything dirty as well. One day he finds a neat and pretty-looking house with a lovely garden and a stream running through the middle of it. He met two people who live in the house - Mr. Tidy and Mr. Neat. They go to Mr. Messy's house to tidy it up and make it look nice and tidy. After they cleaned the house and its garden, they gave the owner a bath and removed the scribbles from him. He looked clean afterwards, and thinks he has to change his name.




The transcript for "Mr. Messy (Cartoon)" can be found here.


  • On the Mr. Men volume 2 VHS, the ending is abrupt. This was restored on all other versions of home media.
  • This is the first episode for several things:


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Mr Men, Mr Messy

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