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Mr. Mischief

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Book No.
36 (UK and US)
3 (France)
Release Date
March 18, 1978
Preceded by
Mr. Skinny (UK and US)
Mr. Busy (France)
Followed by
Mr. Clever (UK and US)
Mr. Greedy (France)

Mr. Mischief is the thirty-sixth book in the Mr. Men series by Roger Hargreaves.


Mr. Mischief in the books

Mr Mischief plays tricks on everybody—he breaks Mr. Happy's chair by sawing the parts of it to bits with a saw, gives Mr. Greedy a rather unusual and rather disgusting cake that he baked him in which the chocolate is really mud instead of chocolate, the cream inside is really cotton instead of cream, and the icing is really toothpaste instead of icing, he even puts jam into Mr. Funny's hat! How very mean and naughty! One day Mr. Mischief tries to steal a wizard's wand, but what he doesn't know is that magic wands dislike being seized, but the wizard stops him and teaches Mr. Mischief a lesson by turning the tables on Mr. Mischief such as turning his porridge that he made himself for tea into sawdust, breaks his chair for revenge by sawing the parts of it it to bits and putting raspberry jam into his bed. By the end of the story, Mr. Mischief is as good as gold until he cuts Mr. Fussy's moustache in half! It just goes to show that sometimes, Mr. Mischief being Mr. Mischief, he really "just can't help" being mischievous!

Voice Actors

  • David Shaw Parker (The Great Alphabet Hunt)
  • Gordon Peters (1995-1997)
  • Neil Crone (1997-1999)

International publications & translations

Mr. Mischief appears under the titles

  • Monsieur Farceur (French)
  • Unser Herr Schabernack (German)
  • Senhor Brincalhão (Portuguese)
  • Ο Κύριος Σκανταλιάρης (Greek)
  • Hr. Drillepind (Danish)
  • Pan Łobuziak (Polish)
  • 惡作劇先生 (Taiwan)
  • いたずらくん (Japanese)
  • 장난씨 (Korean)
  • מר שובב (Hebrew)
  • คุณจอมป่วน (Thai)

List of characters

This is a list of Mr. Men, Little Miss and other special characters that appear in this book.

Title Characters Other Appearances

These are other places the Title character appears in.


  • On TV he appears in Little Miss Shy's episode.
  • When Mr. Men and Little Miss was redubbed in 1997, he sounded like Master Shake from Aqua Team Hunger Force. In the UK dub, he sounded like Chintzy McGee from SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • He was referenced in the Eminem song "Purple Pills".
  • His mischievousness paid off for someone other than himself once, in Mr. Mischief Becomes an Artist. When he ruined (or at least tried to ruin) Little Miss Scatterbrain's house by painting it very messily as part of Mr. Pots' job, Little Miss Scatterbrain loved it!
  • His favorite person to prank is Mr. Greedy because he will eat anything without second thought.
  • He is confirmed to be friends with Mr. Adventure.


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