Mr. Mischief Becomes an Artist is the forty-eighth episode of Series 3 of Mr. Men and Little Miss.


Little Miss Scatterbrain asks Mr. Pots and Mr. Mischief, his assistant, to repaint her house while she's away on holiday.


UK Voices

  • Geoffry Palmer - The Narrator
  • Jill Shilling - Little Miss Tiny, Little Miss Scatterbrain
  • Gordon Peters - Mr. Silly, Mr. Funny, Mr. Mean, Mr. Mischief, Mr. Pots
  • Arnold Stang - Mr. Tall

US Voices

  • Len Carlson - Mr. Funny, Mr. Mean, Mr. Tall, Mr. Pots
  • Alyson Court - Little Miss Scatterbrain
  • Neil Crone - Mr. Silly, Mr. Mischief
  • Catherine Disher - Little Miss Tiny
  • Ron Rubin - The Narrator
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