Mr. Mischief is Caught at His Own Game is the 6th episode of the first season of Mr. Men and Little Miss. It was first broadcast on 17 November, 1995.

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Mr. Mischief always plays tricks on everyone. He also plans to send parcels as mischief, an alarm clock that doesn't stop ringing for Mr. Lazy, a handkerchief for Mr. Sneeze, and nothing but parcels with nothing inside them for Mr. Nosey. Mr. Stamp arrives and Mr. Mischief gives him the parcels. Mr. Stamp is relieved that Mr. Lazy, Mr. Sneeze and Mr. Nosey all live near Little Miss Scatterbrain as he has a letter for her. Mr. Mischief tricks Mr. Stamp into looking at the sky so he can tie a knot in his shoelaces. While at Miss Scatterbrain's, Mr. Mischief made the wheels of Mr. Stamp's bike square, preventing him from being able to ride on it. Mr. Stamp asks Miss Scatterbrain to deliver the parcels to other folks. She sent Mr. Lazy's parcel to Little Miss Busy, Mr. Sneeze's to Mr. Small (which could have come in handy for Mr. Sneeze's uncontrollable sneezing) and Mr. Nosey's to Mr. Mean. Then Mr. Mischief finds that none of his presents had arrived and Mr. Stamp gives him a surprise with a Jack-in-the-box inside and wonders who that could have come from.



  • Little Miss Scatterbrain and Mr. Lazy are the only ones who are mentioned before they appear.
  • The jack-in-the-box was most likely from Mr. Mischief himself, considering the way Mr. Stamp laughs at the end, and the way Mr. Mischief tugs the string of the jack-in-the-box with an irritated expression.
  • Mr. Sneeze and Mr. Nosey do not appear in this episode, although they are mentioned.


  • It is unexplained how sending a handkerchief to Mr. Sneeze would be playing a trick. It is possible that the trick was that Mr. Sneeze had no arms, or that Mr. Mischief had put something like pepper in it.
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