Mr. Nonsense Rows to the Moon is the 13th episode of the second season of Mr. Men and Little Miss. It was first broadcast on 14 March, 1996.

Mr Nonsense Rows to the Moon.png


Mr. Nonsense is a very peculiar character. For example, he loves feeding sweets to the birds! What a waste! Or so thinks Mr. Mean as he passes by and starts cramming them into his huge bag, already bulging with gold coins. Whereupon, Mr. Nonsense, who is never short of weird ideas, invites Little Miss Wise to go for a walk on the moon. He then ties some balloons to the four corners of the house… Which flies away with difficulty, weighed down by Mr. Mean (and his big bag), who is still on the steps leading up to the house, nosily hunting for the sweets. But it is out of the question for Mr. Mean to throw his precious bag away. He grabs onto one of the balloons and leaps into the air, still clutching it. Unburdened of this load, our two characters can now go and visit the moon…



  • This episode is somewhat similar to the 2009 Pixar film "Up", because of the flying house with balloons attached to it, but this episode predated Up before it was even a thought.


  • The Title Card misspells Nonsense as "Nonsens"
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