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Mr. Rude


Book No.
45 (UK and US)
47 (France)
Release Date
3 April, 2003
Preceded by
Mr. Cool (UK and US)
Mr. Good (France)
Followed by
Mr. Good (UK and US)
Mr. Cool (France)

Mr. Rude is the forty-fifth book in the Mr. Men series by Roger Hargreaves and the second one created by Adam Hargreaves.

About him[]

  • Colour: Scarlet red
  • Shape: Round (Book), Rounded triangle (2008 version)
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair: None (original version), three strands of hair (2008 version)
  • Personality: Rude, crude, impatient, obnoxious, bossy, stubborn, blunt, bad-mannered, impolite, disrespectful, poorly-bred, uncaring, mean-spirited, reckless, selfish, cruel, bratty, hurtful, heartless, rancid, horrid, abusive, uncivilised, aggressive, not completely evil, honorable, truthful, not as dangerous and insufferable as Mr. Stubborn.
  • Family: 19 members seen (Sneezes & Hiccups).
  • Friends: at least Little Miss Inventor, Mr. Grumpy (sometimes), Little Miss Chatterbox (sometimes), Mr. Messy (sometimes), Mr. Mean, and Little Miss Bad
  • Enemies: Everyone else, and all of the other Mr. Men and Little Misses, with Mr. Stubborn being the worst.
  • Occupation: Insulter, varies
  • Species: Shaped human
  • Likes: Being rude, bad manners, burping, farting, blowing raspberries, making people miserable (rarely, but not commonly), insulting people, making rude comments, being a nuisance, bullying (sometimes)
  • Dislikes: Being polite, apologizing, having table manners, kindness, generosity, hospitality, humility, friendship, harmony, picnics, dancing, clowns, concerts, octopi, parties, happy people, nice people, gentlemen, proper ladies, being told what to do, nice words, Little Miss Calamity, and his theme song (The Sad Story of Brave Mr. Rude), getting tickled by Mr. Tickle, waiting in queues, etc.
  • Height: Normal Mr. Men height
  • Weight: Below Average
  • Job: Insulting people and being rude
  • Features: Black top hat (original version), brown shoes (2008 version)
  • Nationality: French
  • Voice actors: Joseph J. Terry (The Mr. Men Show; UK/US versions), Thierry Kazazian (The Mr. Men Show; French dub), Michael Einav (The Mr. Men Show; Hebrew dub), Hideaki Nonaka (The Mr. Men Show; Japanese dub)
  • Catchphrase: I'll give you (something) (followed by a fart). Ask me if I care!



Mr. Rude front cover.

Mr. Rude is rude to everyone he comes across. When he met a man, he says "Big Nose! With a nose like that, you could vacuum the floor!" he then pulls it, when he met someone who was overweight, he will say "Fatty! You are supposed to take the food out from the fridge, not eat the fridge as well!", he yells out rude words while he is driving and even insults Little Miss Tiny by calling her a little squirt. Mr. Happy had heard everything about Mr. Rude, and is not happy to hear that, so he goes to visit him. He made dinner and went to bed without offering any to his guest. The next day he somehow gave Mr. Happy some food and offered a bed for him. Later he wasn't rude anymore - he had good manners and a smile on his face. At the end he burped a bit.

The Mr. Men Show[]

Mr rude

Mr. Rude in The Mr. Men Show

In the 2008 TV series, The Mr. Men Show, Mr. Rude kept his red colour, dark red nose, and shape, but he no longer wears a hat and instead a pair of brown shoes (though he was shown wearing a larger similar hat in "Cinema" and "Pets"), and has three hair pieces on his head, also his red colour is a bit more orange and his nose is more brown. He also has a French accent (A British stereotype that French people are rude). His catchphrase is "I'll give you (something)" followed by a loud fart (after which the other Mr. Men and Little Misses yell out his name). Almost all of the Mr. Men and Little Misses dislike him. He sells clocks that look just like the exterior of his house as seen in Clocks. He is the Chief Bean Taster of the Dillydale Beanery, and runs a theme park called Rudeland.

Along with Mr. Scatterbrain, he is the only character to have the same voice in both the UK and US dubs.

List of characters[]

This is a list of Mr. Men, Little Miss and other special characters that appear in this book.

Title character and other appearances[]



Mr. Men Little Miss / ミスタ一メン リトルミス[]


General/book trivia[]

  • Moral: Being disrespectful gets you nowhere.
  • While it's stated that Mr. Rude became a nicer guy at the end of his story, much like other Mr. Men and Little Miss characters like Mr. Nosey, Little Miss Bossy, Mr. Chatterbox, and Mr. Messy, later appearances prove the contrary. For example, in Little Miss Chatterbox and the Frog Prince, he berates Little Miss Chatterbox for holding up the queue at the butcher's and rudely yells out "Who cares!" leaving Little Miss Chatterbox feeling very upset.

The Mr. Men Show trivia[]

  • Mr. Rude, Little Miss Scary, and Little Miss Whoops are the first and so far only characters created by Adam Hargreaves to appear in animated form.
  • First Appearance: Physical
  • In season 1, his farts made cartoon honk noises, possibly due to the preschool audience the show was aimed for. In season 2 and the website, his farts sound more realistic. It is unknown why the sounds were changed. However, it's obviously possible that the cartoon honk noises were added so that the real fart noises won't disgust and scare the preschool audiences.
  • In Sneezes and Hiccups, it is revealed that he has identical family members.
  • Like his book counterpart, he was seen wearing a tall black hat in both Cinema and Pets, however, Little Miss Magic's goat, Nutmeg, burned it to a French beret, fitting his French accent.
  • Ironically, he doesn't understand French, as evidenced in Boo-Boos when Mr. Scatterbrain says "Bon Appetit" to which Mr. Rude responds with "Speak in a language That I know!".
  • Several episodes such as "Heatwave", "Canned Goods", "Inventions", and "Clean Teeth" do not physically show the gas after he passes it, however, other characters are aware of it.
    • When he farted in Car Wash it just blew bubbles and the fart was only heard faintly.
  • He had his shoes off four times (Trains, Beach, Shoes, Up and Down).
  • Mr. Rude is the only character that said "murder" in the series (Books).
  • On YouTube, there was a rendition of Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay sung by Mr. Rude. It had since been removed. However, it has officially came back thanks to Joey D'Auria posting it on his Instagram.
  • He has described both Mr. Nervous and Miss Giggles as soft as something. (Physical, Amusement Park, Construction, Pirates)
    • He uses described Mr. Nervous and Miss Giggles using the same comparison in Amusement Park & Pirates respectively ("soft as a grape").
  • He was wearing Mr. Tall's hat in Surprises.
  • His accent sparked some controversy in the UK, but due to Joey D'Auria being the only voice actor who voices Mr. Scatterbrain and Mr. Rude in both the US and UK versions and of the accent's familiarity in the US, Mr. Rude's accent meant no harm to the UK and got no punishment.
  • Surprisingly, Mr. Rude is not as bad as Mr. Stubborn. For one, Mr. Rude, despite his rudeness, has some redeeming qualities, such as being smarter and even somewhat kinder than Stubborn. Second, Mr. Rude has his intelligent and smart points, meaning that Mr. Rude isn't wrong. Like Mr. Grumpy, he's somewhat easy to please, and like Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Rude is a very firm believer in aliens and monsters, as in his quote "I come in peace. He's just here to annoy". In addition, his farts do have some beneficial purposes, as for one, he managed to fix Miss Daredevill and Miss Helpful's hot air balloon by farting inside it, causing it to go up in the air. The second, more heroic act, is that he used his farts to scare away the Alien Space Pirates and save Mr. Happy and Mr. Tickle from being thrown out into space, and he was hailed as a saviour by them, and as his reward, Mr. Tickle tickled him.


See Counterparts Wiki.

People who have yelled at Mr. Rude[]

In The Mr. Men Show, Mr. Rude usually farts after he says "I'll give you (something)" then a character shouts out "MR. RUDE!"

Season 1[]

  • In season 1 there are usually heads of Mr. Tickle, Mr. Happy (occasionally), Mr. Bump, Mr. Small, Mr. Grumpy, Little Miss Helpful, and Little Miss Scary. (Books, Inventions, Hotel, Canned Goods, Heatwave, Car Wash, Yard Work and Cars)
  • Dance: Mr. Strong, Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Nervous, Little Miss Sunshine and Mr. Bump
  • Dillydale Day: Mr. Persnickety, Little Miss Sunshine and Little Miss Naughty
  • Full Moon: Aliens
  • Sleep: Everybody
  • Lake: Mr. Persnickety, but Mr. Rude didn't fart on purpose this time.
  • The Website: Angry Offscreen Speakers

Season 2[]

  • Driving: Mr. Grumpy
  • Clean Teeth: Mr. Bump (falling without a parachute)
  • Shoes: Mr. Bump (still flying in the rocket shoes from earlier and it was Mr. Rude's shoes this time)
  • Game Shows: Mr. Strong (while fixing a telegraph pole)
  • Robots: Robot Mr. Tall, Robot Mr. Strong, Robot Mr. Scatterbrain, Robot Little Miss Sunshine, Robot Mr. Small, Robot Mr. Messy, Robot Little Miss Chatterbox, Robot Mr. Quiet (it was his robot counterpart this time) and Mr. Messy (hosting Dillydale FM)
  • Up and Down: Mr. Messy (this time he burped), Little Miss Helpful and Little Miss Daredevil
  • Telephone: Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Scatterbrain, Mr. Lazy, Mr. Bump, Mr. Messy, Mr. Nosey, Mr. Small, Mr. Nervous, Mr. Bounce, Little Miss Magic, Little Miss Daredevil, Little Miss Scary and Little Miss Whoops
  • Dining Out: Angry Offscreen Speakers (possibly the angry heads judging from the voices), Mr. Tickle (He burped again) and The Narrator (He burped again)
  • Washing and Drying: Mr. Nosy, Mr. Small, Mr. Happy, and Mr. Scatterbrain
  • Clocks: Mr. Nosy, Mr. Small, and Mr. Fussy (it was his Le Rude Coo-Coo clock this time)
  • Sneezes and Hiccups: Mr. Strong, Mr. Bump, Mr. Messy, Mr. Nervous, Mr. Bounce, and Little Miss Sunshine (he burped again)
  • Dance, Dance, Dance: Mr. Fussy (he burped) and Mr. Nosey (while at a tea party with Mr. Small)
  • Pirates: Little Miss Daredevil (landing on the moon)
  • Home Improvement: Mr. Grumpy (in his new castle)
  • Fairies and Gnomes: Fairies
  • Birds: Mr. Bump (While being flown by an eagle which got him earlier in the episode)
  • Surprises: Mr. Small, Mr. Nosey, Mr. Noisy and Mr. Quiet
  • Travel: The 6 heads from Season 1 (it was his roller-coaster toilet ride)

International publications & translations[]

This is a list of alternate titles for this book being published internationally.

  • Mr. Anghwrtais (Welsh)
  • Mr. Drochbhéasch (Irish)
  • Monsieur Mal-élevé (French)
  • Mister Unverschämt (German)
  • Unser Herr Unverschämt (German dub of The Mr. Men Show only)
  • Mr. Grosero (Spanish)
  • Mister Rude (Italian)
  • Senhor Malcriado (Portuguese)
  • Ο κύριος Αγενής (O kýrios Agenís) (Greek)
  • Hr. Strid (Danish)
  • Herr Uhøflig (Norwegian)
  • Herra Ruddi (Icelandic)
  • Pan Wredota (Polish)
  • Bay Kaba (Turkish)
  • Мистер Грубиян (Mister Grubiyan; Russian)
  • 粗鲁先生 (Cūlǔ Xiānshēng; China)
  • 無禮先生 (Wúlǐ Xiānshēng; Taiwan)
  • 粗魯先生 (Cou¹ lou⁵ Sin¹ saang¹; Cantonese)
  • しつれいくん (Shitsurei-Kun; Japanese)
  • 무례씨 (Murye-ssi; Korean)
  • คุณหยาบคาย (Kun Yàap-kaai; Thai)
  • מר כעסן (Mar Ka'asán; Hebrew)
  • מר חצוף (Mar Khatsuf; Hebrew)
  • السيد جريء (As-Sayyadu Jarīʾ; Arabic in The Mr. Men Show, Jeem TV dub)
  • السيد فظ (As-Sayyadu Faẓẓ; Arabic in The Mr. Men Show, SpaceToon dub)
  • آقای بی‌ادب خان (Âqâ-ye Bi-adab-e Xân; Persian, Panosht)
  • آقا کوچولوی گستاخ (Âqâ Kučulu-ye Gostâx; Persian, Gohar Danesh)
  • بی‌ادب آقا (Bi-adab-e Âqâ; Persian, Ghadiyani)


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