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Some of his quotes

Words in bold mean the ones that someone said before he said "I'll give you (something)!" and farted, causing the others (and the Angry Heads) to yell "MR. RUDE!" in unison.

"I'll give you rude!" (Website; anytime he's seen outside of the Mr. Men Show)

"I'll give you SCARY!" (To Little Miss Sunshine in Mr. Bump: Lights, Camera, Bump in the story "Stranded")

Season 1

"I'll unlock something!" (To Mr. Small in Books)

"I'll give you moving!" (To Little Miss Chatterbox in Dance)

"I'll give you nice words!" (To Little Miss Chatterbox in Inventions)

"I'll give you delicacy" (To Little Miss Sunshine in Canned Goods)

"The same way I developed this one" (To Little Miss Sunshine in Canned Goods)

”I'll give you manners!" (To Mr. Persnickety in Restaurants, but he was stopped)

"I'll give you entertainment!" (To Mr. Stubborn in Full Moon)

”I’ll give you catching!” (To Mr. Scatterbrain in Heatwave)

"I'll give you goodnight!" (To Mr. Nervous in Sleep)

"I'll give you fun!" (To Little Miss Chatterbox in Yard Work)

"I'll give you fantastic!" (To Little Miss Calamity in Car Wash)

"I'll give you musical!" (To Mr. Scatterbrain in Dillydale Day)

"Fast? I'll show you fast!" (To Mr. Nosey in Cars)

Season 2

"You complain too much." (To Mr. Grumpy in Driving)

"I'll give you unacceptable!" (To Mr. Fussy in Clean Teeth)

"I'll give you Terror Island!" (To Little Miss Scary in Airports, but he was stopped after Little Miss Whoops crashed a plane into him)

"I'll give you final!" (To Mr. Small in Game Shows)

"I'll give you a good one!" (To Little Miss Scary in Robots)

"I'll give you a concert!" (To himself in Telephone)

"I'll give you wonderful!" (To Mr. Happy in Washing and Drying)

"Wait until you see what happens at midnight!" (To Mr. Nosey, Mr. Small and Mr. Fussy in Clocks)

"I'll give you inappropriate!" (To Mr. Fussy in Dance Dance Dance, but he was stopped)

"I'll give you frightening!" (To Mr. Fussy when the ballet became frightening in Dance Dance Dance)

"I'll give you angry aliens!" (To Mr. Happy in Pirates)

I'll give you joy! (To the narrator in Fairies & Gnomes)

"I'll give you handyman!" (To Mr. Stubborn in Home Improvement)

"I'll give you fun" (To Mr. Messy in Birds)

"I'll give you a delight!" (To Mr. Small in Surprises)

"Not at Rudeland!" (To himself in Travel)

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