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"I'll give you a '''concert'''!" (Telephone)
"I'll give you a '''concert'''!" (Telephone)
"I'll give you '''good night!'''" (Sleep)
"I'll '''unlock''' something!" (Books)
"I'll '''unlock''' something!" (Books)

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Some of his quotes

Words in bold mean the ones that someone said before he said "I'll give you (something)!" and farted, causing the others to yell "MR RUDE!!!!"

"I'll give you fantastic!" (Car Wash)

"I'll give you rude!" (Website; anytime he's seen outside of the Mr. Men Show)

"I'll give you fun!" (Yard Work and Birds)

"I'll give you musical!" (Dillydale Day)

"I'll give you handyman!" (Home Improvement)

I'll give you a joy! (Fairies & Gnomes)

"I'll give you a concert!" (Telephone)

"I'll unlock something!" (Books)

"I'll show you fast!" (Cars)

"I'll give you frightening!" (Dance Dance Dance)

"I'll give you nice words!" (Inventions)

"I'll give you entertainment!" (Full Moon)

"I'll give you final!" (Game Shows)

"I'll give you delecacy" (Canned Goods)

"I'll give you wonderful!" (Washing and Drying)

"I'll give you angry aliens!" (Pirate)

"I'll give you a good one!" (Robots)

"I'll give you moving!" (Dance)

"I'll give you goodnight!" (Sleep)

"I'll give you unacceptable!" (Clean Teeth)

”I’ll give you catching!” (Heatwave)

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