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*Fuli (The Lion Guard, both are fast),
*Sonic the Hedgehog (Namesake series, both are fast),
*Sonic the Hedgehog (Namesake series, both are fast),
*Blaze (Blaze and the Monster Machines, both are fast),
*Blaze (Blaze and the Monster Machines, both are fast),

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Mr. Rush is the thirtieth book in the Mr. Men series by Roger Hargreaves.

Mr. Rush
  • Color: Purple
  • shape: Sideways Triangle
  • Gender : Male
  • Relatives :Mr. Busy (distant cousin), Mr. Fussy
  • Love:Little Miss Quick
  • Friends: Mr. Daydream, Mr. Tall.
  • Rivals: Mr. Clumsy
  • Release date: 1978
  • Job: being fast, quick and always in a hurry
  • Voice Actors: Gordon Peters (1995-1997), Neil Crone (1997-1999)


Mr. Rush in the Mr. Men books

Mr. Rush is always in a rush. He never does anything properly. He is in such a rush he has a terrible breakfast (toast not toasted, water cold), only brushes one tooth, and runs out of the house to go nowhere. He sees an ad for a vacation in a magazine but can't go away because he has no money, so he wants a job to make money. Being a bus driver isn't good, because he doesn't stop at any of the stops, being a waiter isn't good because he'd whisk away the food as soon as he brought it. The job he finds is as a postman delivering express letters, the best job for the fastest thing on two feet. He saves enough money and goes on vacation.

International publications & translations

This is a list of alternate titles for this book being published internationally.

  • Monsieur Pressé (French)
  • Don Prisas (Spanish)
  • Ο Κύριος Βιαστικός (Greek)
  • 匆忙先生 (Taiwan)
  • 서둘러씨 (Korean)
  • Unser Herr Eilig (German)


  • It is possible if his book was the reason why they put Mr. Nosey and Mr. Small together, since they were seen with each other in his story.
  • In one episode of Mr. Men and Little Miss, Miss Chatterbox said that he is a distant cousin of Mr. Busy and himself related to Mr. Fussy.
  • He might have made a cameo in Boats


  • Fuli (The Lion Guard, both are fast),
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Namesake series, both are fast),
  • Blaze (Blaze and the Monster Machines, both are fast),
  • Zorch (Mixels, both are fast),
  • Road Runner (Looney Tunes, Both Are Fast and have purple),
  • Swift Heart Rabbit (Care Bears, both are fast),
  • Lightning McQueen, (Pixar's Cars, both are very fast),
  • The Flash (DC Comics, both are very fast),
  • Dash Parr (The Incredibles, both are fast),
  • Speed Racer Sr./Go Mifune and Jr (Speed Racer/Mach GoGoGo series, all three like going fast),
  • Quicksilver (X-Men, Marvel Comics, both are fast),
  • Blurr (Transformers, both are fast),
  • Spencer (Thomas the Tank Engine, both are very fast),
  • Waluigi (Mario games, both are purple and wear hats),
  • Cheetah (Jambo! Safari, Sega, both move fast),
  • Quick Man (Mega Man 2, Capcom, both are very fast),
  • Aerobic Al (Horrid Henry, both are athletic and have something yellow on top of their heads),
  • Glenn Quagmire (Family Guy, both are fast),
  • Speedy Ness (The Family Ness, both are described as fast),
  • Speedy Gonzales (Looney Tunes, both are fast),
  • Silicon Dreams Studios (since 1999, both rush alot, though SD rushed once),
  • Peter Potamus (Hanna Barbera, both are purple and wear yellow hats),
  • Homestar Runner (Homestar Runner, both are fast),
  • Cheetara (ThunderCats, both can run really fast),
  • Zipper Cat (Get-Along Gang, both are athletic),
  • Kicking King (Letterland, both are athletic),
  • Vince LaSalle (Recess, both are athletic),
  • Connor and Caitlin (The Railway Series, all 3 are fast),
  • Nigel (The Transporters, both are fast),
  • Dill the Dog (The Herbs, both are energetic),
  • Billy Whizz (Beano, both are fast),
  • Jayneth Tsukei (Dark and Light Elemental Ages from Warlords, both are purple and wears something yellow),
  • Rainbow Dash (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, both are fast),
  • Scout (Team Fortress 2, both are fast),
  • Gordon (The Railway Series, both are very fast),
  • Bertie the Bus (The Railway Series, both are fast),
  • Milo (Tweenies, both are purple and energetic),
  • Slippery Shark (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, both are very fast and too hard to catch),
  • Chuck (Angry Birds Toons, Both are triangular and very fast),
  • Hotrod The Praying Mantis (Mikayla's Wolrds Colors, both are fast),
  • Dash (Fairy Tale Girls/Mikayla's Worlds Fairy Tales, both are fast),
  • Phineas Flynn (Phineas and Ferb, both have triangle heads)
  • Synchronize Blue (Mikayla's World, both are fast),
  • Zip-Pea (Poddington Peas, both are fast),
  • Bertie Brussels Sprout (The Garden Gang, both are athletic),
  • Bitey (Brackenwood, both are fast),
  • Kunimitsu (Tekken, both wear purple and are fast),
  • XLR8 (Ben 10, both are fast).
  • Yingying (Beijing 2008, both are very fast).
  • Turbo Man (Mega Man 7, both are turbo fast)
  • Puffa (TUGS, both are fast)
  • The Goods Engine (TUGS, both are fast)
  • Benny the Cab (Who Framed Roger Rabbit, both are fast)
  • RC (Toy Story, both are turbo fast)
  • Turbo (Turbo FAST, both are fast)
  • Herbie (Herbie the Love Bug, both are very fast)
  • Mantis (Kung Fu Panda, both are very fast)
  • Billy Shoepack (TUGS, both are fast)

List of characters

This is a list of Mr. Men, Little Miss and other special characters that appear in this book.

Pictures Only

Title character other appearances

This is a list of other books and episodes of Mr. Men and Little Miss that the title character has appeared in.

  • Little Miss Busy-Body (with a blue hand)
  • Little Miss Jealous
  • Mr. Moustache
  • Mr. Marvelous
  • Mr. Bump Goes on a trip (TV)
  • Mr. Chatterbox Loses His Voice (TV) (cameo)
  • An Invitation for Mr. Messy(TV)
  • Hurry, Mr. Rush! Autumn is Coming(TV)
  • Mr. Lazy Can't Sleep Anymore(TV)
  • Mr. Funny Puts on a Show (TV)(cameo)
  • Happy Christmas, Mr. Worry(TV)(cameo)
  • Mr. Jelly's Show of Bravery(TV)
  • That's Gratitude, Mr. Uppity!(TV)
  • What a mess, Little Miss Helpful (TV)
  • A Rival for Little Miss Somersault (TV) (cameo)
  • An Unforgettable Sunday for Little Miss Tiny(TV)(cameo)
  • Mr. Slow Takes the lead (TV)
  • Thank Goodness for Mr. Slow (TV)
  • Little Miss Late Beats Them All(TV)
  • Mr. Noisy, the Music Man(TV)(cameo)
  • Little Miss Tidy and the winning ticket(TV)
  • Hello, Pizza Express (Mr. Busy) (TV)(Mentioned only)

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