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'Why didn't you say so? And Silly me'
— Mr. Scatterbrain's catchphrases
Mr. Scatterbrain

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Mr. Scatterbrain is a new Mr. Men created for The Mr. Men Show as a counterpart to the books' Little Miss Scatterbrain.

He is voiced by Joey D'Auria in both the US/UK/Australian dubs.

About him[]

  • Loves: Doing random things, bananas, friends, animals, Dillydale, etc.
  • Friends: Mostly everybody
  • Job: Getting confused and causing chaos
  • Colour: Magenta
  • Shape: Pear shaped
  • Personality: Dim-witted, goofy, silly, dumb
  • Features: Blue bowler hat and a large pink nose
  • Nationality: American


Mr. Scatterbrain was made for The Mr. Men Show as a counterpart for Little Miss Scatterbrain from the books as executive producer Eryk Casemiro stated that the female characters in the series should remain mostly positive. [1] He is a pear-shaped magenta Mr. Men character with a blue bowler hat, a pink nose, a unibrow, and a wide collection of random items. Unlike the other characters, his tongue is hot pink. He also has a lot of animal friends, ranging from penguins to iguanas. His catchphrases: 'Why didn't you say so?' (evident that he has short term memory loss) and 'Where is my head?' He resides in Dillydale.


  • First Appearance: 'Physical', 'Boo-Boos' (Speaking)
  • In 'Post Office', Mr. Scatterbrain claims to be the mayor of Dillydale.
  • In 'Goo' it is revealed that Mr. Scatterbrain has human feet under his 'shoes'.
  • In 'Night', he said he left a green belt in a place called Onionville, a location outside of Dillydale.
  • According to TV Tropes' page on the show, Mr. Scatterbrain is a "friend to all living things".
  • In 'Sneezes and Hiccups', every time he sneezes, his nose inflates.
  • Usually, he doesn't mean to harm someone, but his brain can get distracted.
  • He owns a restaurant in 'Surprises', but he also worked at one in 'Dining Out' and 'Restaurants'.
  • He worked at the train station in 'Trains', and in 'Getting Around', he operated a train made up of elephants.
  • According to director Mark Risley, Mr. Scatterbrain's voice is modeled after comedian Ed Wynn, best known for playing the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. His voice actor Joey D'Auria would lend Mr. Scatterbrain's voice to Wazzat in the anime Yo-Kai Watch.
  • He and Mr. Rude are the only two characters to retain their US voices in the UK dub.
    • Mr. Scatterbrain is the only character in the UK dub to have an American accent, based on American actor Ed Wynn; an old-fashioned New York accent.

In other languages[]

  • Monsieur Tête-en-l'air (French)
  • מר מפוזר (Mar Mefuzár; Hebrew)
  • Sr. Distraído (Portuguese)
  • Mr. Trína Chéile (Irish)
  • 少根筋先生 (Shǎo gēn jīn Xiānshēng; Taiwan)
  • おっちょこちょいくん (Otchokochoi-Kun; Japanese)
  • 덜렁씨 (Deolreong-ssi; Korean)
  • Pan Trzpiotka (Polish)
  • Мистер Растяпа (Mister Rastyapa; Russian)
  • 大頭蝦先生 (Daai⁶ tau⁴ haa¹ Sin¹ saang¹; Cantonese)
  • السيد غافل (As-Sayyadu Ḡāfil; Arabic, Jeem TV Dub)
  • السيد مشتت (As-Sayyadu Mašatat; Arabic, SpaceToon Dub)


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