Mr. Slow Takes the Lead is the 30th episode of the third season of Mr. Men and Little Miss. It was first broadcast on 3 September, 1997.

Mr Slow Takes the Lead.png


It's the Christmas holidays and Mr. Slow decides to go to the mountains in his steamroller. But he isn't the only one to have had the idea and is overtaken by a whole bunch of over-excited Mr. Men. Unfortunately, thanks to Mr. Noisy, there is an avalanche and, if it weren't for Mr. Slow and his steamroller, everyone would still be stuck there.

But poor Mr. Slow is so slow that he finally reaches the mountains at the end of the week, just as everyone else is returning home. However, Little Miss Late has waited for him and our two friends make the return journey together, with Mr. Slow in the lead and Little Miss Late, always late, bringing up the rear!


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