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The reason why he was called Mr. Sneeze is because he always has a cold in the winter but imagine his surprise during summer. Mr. Sneeze sneezed and sneezed when he hears Little Miss Sunshine arriving to his house and notices that he might have hay fever due to flowers and grass around his valley. Mr. Sneeze wasn't very happy about this and borrows a tractor and plough from Farmer Fields and ploughed throughout the day till late in the night.

The next day, Little Miss Sunshine returns to Mr. Sneeze's house after his valley has been ploughed by him. But Mr. Sneeze was still sneezing realizing it wasn't hay fever but rather he was allergic to feathers as Little Miss Sunshine takes his pillow away.

After calling Little Miss Magic, Mr. Silly arrives asking for a bowl of water, but responded by sneezing because of Mr. Silly's pet chicken, Rover.



  • Mr. Silly seems to own a pet chicken in this book.