Mr. Strong: King of the Circus is the 12th episode of the second season of Mr. Men and Little Miss. It was first broadcast on 11 March, 1996.

Mr Strong King of the Circus.png


Mr. Strong gets his strength from the huge quantity of the eggs that he swallows every morning. One day, during a circus parade, one of the caravans overturns, trapping the Clown and his little monkey underneath it.

Luckily, Mr. Strong is at hand to rescue them in a flash. This gives the circus owner the idea of hiring Mr. Strong to do a Strong Man act.

But Mr. Uppity and Little Miss Trouble are on the prowl. They steal the eggs, which Mr. Strong is to eat just before going on stage…

By good fortune, the little monkey has seen everything and promptly sets about retrieving the precious eggs. Mr. Strong will now be able to perform his act to rapturous applause from the crowd.



  • Stock footage from "Mr. Funny Puts on a Show" is used in this episode when Mr. Strong hears about the amazing circus show, and again when Mr. Strong lifts the elephant family on his shoulders.


  • When the ringmaster says "And now Mr. Strong will lift up the whole Elephant Family before your very eyes!" there is a Mr. Strong in the audience, and the first Mr. Strong in the ring. Another Mr. Uppity can also be seen cheering for Mr. Strong near the end, after the first Mr. Uppity and Little Miss Trouble had already left.
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