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Muddle Skating 1675 This is a transcribed copy for the episode "Mr. Strong: King of the Circus." Feel free to edit or add to this page as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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UK Dub[]

(The title card appears.)

Narrator: Mr. Strong: King of the Circus.

(The title card disappears.)

(The episode begins with Mr. Strong making a huge omelet. Currently, he is mixing the eggs together in a large bowl.)

Mr. Strong: Ah.

Narrator: Do you know where Mr. Strong gets his strength from?

(Mr. Strong turns towards the viewers.)

Mr. Strong: đŸŽ”La-la-la-la-lađŸŽ”! Nothing beats a good omelet!

(Mr. Strong continues mixing the eggs.)

Narrator: He eats eggs! And the more eggs he eats...

(Mr. Strong stirs so hard, he breaks the bowl and the egg batter spills everywhere.)

Mr. Strong: Oh!

Narrator: The stronger he gets!

(Mr. Strong walks over to his refrigerator.)

Narrator: Unfortunately, Mr. Strong doesn't realize how strong he is!

(Mr. Strong opens the refrigerator door and slams it into the wall by accident.)

Mr. Strong: Uh-oh!

(Mr. Strong takes some eggs from the refrigerator.)

Narrator: He is so strong, that he has to be especially careful. Otherwise, he breaks everything!

(Mr. Strong slams the refrigerator door close and a clock above the fridge falls down.)

Narrator: Mr. Strong even manages to break things he doesn't touch!

Mr. Strong: Huh?

(The scene cuts to Mr. Strong eating his giant omelet. Circus music begins to play outside.)

Ringmaster (offscreen): An amazing circus show!

Mr. Strong: Oh!

(The scene cuts to main street where it is revealed that a circus has come to town.)

Ringmaster: Right here in your town!

(The scene cuts back to Mr. Strong who is jumping up and down in his chair with joy.)

Mr. Strong: (laughs)

(Mr. Strong crushes the chair and falls to the ground.)

Mr. Strong: Right! The circus!

(Mr. Strong tries to open the window but accidentally breaks both sashes off their hinges.)

Mr. Strong: Ooh!

(Mr. Strong gets an idea and fetches a screwdriver.)

Mr. Strong: I have a feeling this is going to be a fun day!

(Mr. Strong begins to fix his windows. The scene cuts to the circus. Chuckles the clown is shown trapped in his car which is stuck under a trailer. A monkey also has his tail stuck underneath Chuckles' car.)

Monkey (overlap): (chattering)

Chuckles (overlap): Help! He-he-help!

(The Ringmaster comes out of the big top and sees what has happened.)

Ringmaster: Oh quick! Hitch up the elephant! We must free Chuckles and his monkey!

(The elephant is hitched up to the trailer trapping Chuckles' car and struggles to pull it off.)

Mr. Brave (offscreen): Come on! You can do it!

(Chuckles starts banging his fist on the windshield.)

Mr.Brave, Mr.Grumble, Mr.Greedy, Mr Forgetful, Mr.Funny, Little Miss Late and Little Miss Neat (offscreen): Come on! You can do it!

(The elephant starts to get tired.)

Elephant: I'll have you out...out of a jiffy...little fellow!

(The elephant continues to pull.)

Little Miss Late (offscreen): Come on!

(The elephant passes out from exhaustion.)

Mr. Funny (offscreen): You can do it!

Ringmaster: Help! Please, help!

(Back at Mr. Strong's house, Mr. Strong has just fixed the window and hears the Ringmaster's cry for help.)

Mr. Strong: Hang on!

Chuckles (offscreen): Help!

Mr. Strong: Here I come!

(Mr. Strong jumps out the window and runs over to the circus. The sashes on Mr. Strong's window break off their hinges again when Mr. Strong lands outside. The scene cuts to Mr. Strong running over towards the exhausted elephant.)

Elephant: Help me! Please!

Mr. Strong: Don't you worry, my friend!

(Mr. Strong walks over to the elephant and prepares to pick him up.)

Mr. Strong: (grunts)

(Mr. Strong lifts up the elephant. A crowd consisting of Mr. Funny, Mr. Brave, Little Miss Late, Little Miss Neat, Mr. Greedy, Mr. Grumble, and Mr. Forgetful are shown clapping and cheering for Mr. Strong's strength and heroism.)

Crowd: Hooray!

(The elephant is heard being placed onto the ground offscreen. The scene cuts back to Mr. Strong who is lifting off the trailer on top of Chuckles' car.)

Mr. Strong: (grunts)

(The crowd consisting of Mr. Funny, Mr. Brave, Mr. Forgetful, Mr. Grumble, Mr. Greedy, Little Miss Neat, and Little Miss Late, are shown clapping and cheering for Mr. Strong's strength and heroism again.)

Crowd: Hooray!

(The trailer is heard being placed onto the ground offscreen.)

Crowd: Hooray!

(With one finger, Mr. Strong pushes Chuckles' car back onto its wheels and, in turn, unpins the Monkey's tail.)

Mr. Strong: Nothing broken? (chuckles)

(Mr. Strong shakes the monkey's hand but almost crushes it with his strength.)

Monkey: Ouch! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! What a grip! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!

Crowd: (gasps)

(Chuckles opens his car door and gets out of his car.)

Chuckles: What a fright we had! (chuckles) Thank you Mr. Uh...(chuckles)

Mr. Strong: Mr. Strong!

(Mr. Strong bows in respect.)

Mr. Strong: At your service!

(The Ringmaster walks up to Mr. Strong.)

Ringmaster: Oh! Well done, Mr. Strong. would like to join my circus?

Mr. Strong: The greatest of pleasure!

(Mr. Strong, Chuckles, and Chuckles' Monkey share a happy look with each other. The monkey jumps onto Mr. Strong's shoulder.)

Mr. Strong: (laughs)

(The scene transitions to Little Miss Trouble and Mr. Snooty passing the circus. A poster with Mr. Strong on it is shown outside and Mr. Snooty and Little Miss Trouble walk up to it and read what's on it.)

Miss Trouble: "Never before seen on Earth! The strongest man in the world. Mr. Strong, will carry a whole family of elephants on his shoulders!"

(Little Miss Trouble turns around to Mr. Snooty.)

Mr. Snooty: Is that clumsy old Mr. Strong...

Miss Trouble: (chuckles)

Mr. Snooty: Showing off again, Little Miss Trouble?

Miss Trouble: So let's play a little joke on him!

(Little Miss Trouble leans over to Mr. Snooty and whispers something into his ear. The scene transitions to Little Miss Trouble walking into Mr. Strong's trailer.)

Miss Trouble: Let's see how strong Mr. Strong really is without his eggs! (giggles mischievously)

(Little Miss Trouble takes Mr. Strong's basket of eggs and leaves the trailer. Unbeknownst to her, the Monkey was hiding behind the basket and witnessed the theft. The scene transitions to sometime later. The circus has begun and the Ringmaster is in the middle of the ring.)

Ringmaster: And now, ladies and gentlemen, the strongest man in the world...Mr. Strong!

(Mr. Strong walks into the tent with the monkey on his shoulders.)

Crowd (offscreen): Hooray! (cheering) Hooray!

(Little Miss Trouble and Mr. Snooty look at Mr. Strong with a devious grin.)

Miss Trouble: (giggles)

Mr. Snooty: (chuckles)

(The scene cuts back to Mr. Strong. Because Mr. Strong hasn't eaten any eggs recently, Mr. Strong is showing signs of fatigue.)

Mr. Strong: I'll never manage it! I haven't had my omelet for tea!

Monkey: Don't you worry! I'll take care of that!

(The monkey jumps away and the scene cuts back to Mr. Snooty and Little Miss Trouble.)

Mr. Snooty: (chuckles)

(A whole herd of elephants enter the center of the ring where Mr. Strong is waiting.)

Ringmaster (offscreen): And now. Mr. Strong will lift up the whole elephant family before your very eyes!

(Four elephants enter the ring and one climbs onto a small staircase.)

Mr. Strong: (laughs)

Elephant: You look a little under the weather.

(Mr. Strong tries to lift up the elephant but struggles to.)

Mr. Strong: Well I am...a little tired. But it will pass!

(Mr. Strong struggles to lift up the elephant and starts turning purple. Little Miss Trouble shows the basket of eggs to Mr. Snooty.)

Crowd: Boo! Boo!

Miss Trouble: (laughs) He's getting booed! The clumsy, old thing! (laughs)

Mr. Snooty: He's only getting what he deserves.

(The Monkey leaps on the heads of Mr. Snooty and Little Miss Trouble.)

Mr. Snooty: Ooh!

(The Monkey tries to take the egg basket from Little Miss Trouble.)

Miss Trouble: Oh!

(The Monkey takes the egg basket from Little Miss Trouble.)

Miss Trouble: You beast!

(The Monkey starts throwing eggs at Mr. Snooty and Little Miss Trouble as payback for their joke, and the crowd later laughs, including Mr. Funny, Mr. Mischief, Mr. Busy and Jack.)

Crowd: (laughs)

Mr. Funny: (laughs) oh oh!

(Little Miss Trouble and Mr. Snooty leave the circus in embarrassment. Covered in egg courtesy of the Monkey. The scene cuts back to Mr. Strong. Mr. Strong is a little confused over what's happening.)

Mr. Strong: Oh! What?

(Mr. Strong figures out what happened and silently thanks the Monkey.)

Monkey: (giggles)

(The Monkey throws eggs over to Chuckles and two his clown friends and they make an omelet for Mr. Strong. Chuckles gives Mr. Strong the omelet. Mr. Strong eats the omelet and regains his strength.)

Crowd: Hooray! Hooray!

(Mr. Strong starts lifting the entire elephant family and even throws one on top of another.)

Elephant: (trumpets)

Crowd: Yay!

Ringmaster (offscreen): Three cheers for Mr. Strong!

Elephant: (trumpets)

Ringmaster (offscreen): Hip hip...

Elephant (offscreen): (trumpets)

Crowd: Hooray!

Ringmaster (offscreen): Hip hip...

Elephant (offscreen): (trumpets)

Crowd: Hooray!

Ringmaster (offscreen): Hip hip...

Crowd: Hooray!

(Mr. Strong successfully lifts all four elephants.)

Elephants: (trumpets)

Crowd: (cheers)

(The crowd tosses hats and flowers into the center of the ring to congratulate Mr. Strong. The scene transitions to sometime after the show. The Monkey is dancing in celebration and the Ringmaster is shaking hands with Mr. Strong.)

Ringmaster: Oh! Well done, Mr. Strong! You are fantastic! Would you like to join me for supper tonight?

(The scene transitions later that night. Mr. Strong and the Ringmaster are having supper at a restaurant.)

Narrator: So Mr. Strong did! And you know what they had for supper? That's right!

(Mr. Strong and the Ringmaster are shown eating eggs.)

Narrator: Eggs, of course! (chuckles)

(Fade to black.)

(Episode ends here.)

US Dub[]

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