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'This (noun) is cheap!'
— Mr. Stubborn's catchphrase
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Mr. Stubborn is a new Mr. Man created for The Mr. Men Show as well as the show's true main antagonist, and as a counterpart to the books' Little Miss Stubborn.

About him[]

  • Colour: Purple
  • Shape: Oval
  • Personality: Stubborn, Bossy, Arrogant, Nihilistic, Short-tempered, Unintelligent, Dumb, Idiotic, Selfish, Impatient, Disrespectful, Reckless, Cruel, Heartless, Abusive, Aggressive, Nasty, Hurtful, Bratty, Cold-hearted, Rude, Hypocritical, Irresponsible, and Psychotic
  • Lives: Dillydale
  • Occupation: steamroller operator (in Jobs), Bus Driver (in Getting Around), handyman (in Home Improvement) and a secretary (in Sneezes and Hiccups), abuser (mainly)
  • Friends: Mr. Messy (sometimes), Little Miss Daredevil (sometimes), Mr. Quiet (sometimes), Mr. Nosey (sometimes), Mr. Small (sometimes), Mr. Happy (sometimes) and Little Miss Sunshine (sometimes), Mr. Bump (sometimes)
  • Enemies: Mr. Grumpy (worst enemy), Mr. Quiet (mostly), Mr. Bump (mostly), and the rest of the other characters
  • Likes: Telling lies, ignoring people, being stubborn on one point of view till the bitter end, being rude, his own different opinion, people seeing things his way.
  • Dislikes: Telling the truth, listening to other people especially when they try to give him good advice, being polite, complaints, helping others, anyone refusing to accept his lies, being told what to do, when cafés and restaurants don't sell any beanburgers and beanballs, not winning games, things that he breaks by touching them and calls them either cheap or fake, being told what to do by other people on his job, people correcting him, taking criticism, the other characters' traits, etc.
  • Jobs: Being a stubborn and abusive person (because he never agrees/empathises (empathizes in the US)/partners with anybody nor covers/apologises (apologizes in the US and Canada)/stands up for whether he is wrong about everything and lying to everyone that they are wrong (especially everything))
  • Voice actors: Godfrey (US), Lewis MacLeod (UK)
  • Nationality: Scottish (UK), African (US)
  • Catchphrase(s): 'This/These/That/Those/Your/My [noun] is/was/are CHEAP!', 'This/These/That/Your/My [noun] is/was/are DEFINITELY CHEAP!', 'This Website is CHEAP!' (on the website) 'How many times do I have to tell you?', 'I do not have termites!' (used in Bugs), There is no such thing as (mythical creature)!, 'The (mythical creature) does not exist!' 'We are not (doing something; sinking, falling, etc.!'


Mr. Stubborn was made for The Mr. Men Show as a counterpart for Little Miss Stubborn from the books as executive producer Eryk Casemiro stated that the female characters in the series should remain mostly positive. [1] He is a purple oval-shaped Mr. Man with two black hairs in the style of a comb-over, a unibrow, and a yellow triangle-shaped nose. He never listens to good advice and to prove it: he is always too touchy and stubborn to tell lies about anything are wrong; he often assumes others are idiots, dummies, or just annoying people even when it is obvious that he is wrong (in fact, he appears to be rather ironic, oblivious, gratuitous, ridiculous, impossible, and hypocritical of the thoughts/feelings/acts he is/has/does going on in or around, out and about him, specially in his mind or in his eyes). But even if he finds out he's wrong, realizing he should have listened to and/or believed in other people/characters in the first place rather than telling them to shut up, he's still unable to accept the reality of his blunder and doesn't admit it. If possible, he misuses items and after they break or if he breaks the things that he touches, he thinks that they're cheap and also even remarks that they are cheap.

Mr. Stubborn is a touchy, stubborn, intolerant, blunt, feisty, bland, unlikable, indomitable, problematic-symptomatic, deniable, skeptical, unreliable, biased, practical/unethical, and obtuse person who enjoys lying to people about everything are wrong and never adapts to any kinds of change whatsoever. By doing this, he will constantly annoy and antagonize, pick on + make fun of, objectify/silence, or just tell other people off, often over very minor details or for other petty reasons, and make them suffer his differences of opinion and/or occasional instances of inconsiderate, obnoxious, thoughtless behaviour which can even sometimes lead to him being responsible for mass destruction, the pain of others, +/ every once in awhile blaming them for actions that was not responsible for. He has a catchphrase which he uses to call something cheap which he uses in almost all of his appearances. It will always be along the lines of 'This _____ is cheap!' and the name of the thing he's calling cheap will always change depending on what he's talking about.

Mr. Stubborn is insufferable, like talking to a wall, and unstoppable when he made up his mind. He has had his moments in which he simply went to double-check statements and was happy learning it was right in Mr. Men and Little Miss. However, he merely doubted a fact and was not convinced of another truth, which is mostly the situation where his attribute comes out the strongest. Mr. Stubborn has had their trait turned up so strongly that there is no way to interact with the character without getting into a dispute. He is aggressive, destructive (and strong at that!) and short-off in his speech. Whenever faced with some sort of argument that gets in the way of his views, he stated that that something is 'cheap'. A lot of his disputes are about where he does not listen to or believe in other people's opinion or suggestions, insists on doing this his way or no way, and is far too stubborn to lie that anything can be wrong, like arguing that one must stop believing what one sees in movies for example. Other times he is convinced he knows how to do a certain thing without following tutorials, advice or even the law. 'Positive' character approach him with a certain humor, knowing fully well he is not going to budge. But even them and other characters often get really tired of him to give a really hard time having only one occasion where he is often shown being in the background without giving in; it heavily depends on the 'aggressor' and 'victim' format to have a character trait overthrow another. Mr. Stubborn however is always both an 'aggressor' as his OWN 'victim'. He is the only character to be able to do so, making him the most 'powerful' character of the cast. Because of all of these omnicidal characteristics he has, Mr. Stubborn believes himself to be the self-proclaimed omniscient all-powerful god of Dillydale, making all of the other characters his extremely lowly zero-ranking servants. Mr. Stubborn is seldom nice to others, is always despising and very brutal towards them, and (more often than not) has a crazy temper of damaging other people's property (whether it's either accidentally or intentionally) at least most likely due to his peculiar and potentially harmful lifestyle. Even when he is punished, (The only punishment Mr. Stubborn got is staying in a roller coaster that's stuck on a loop while he and the coaster are upside-down. (Yet, he escaped off-screen.)), Mr. Stubborn never ever accepts his punishments and forgets them just in order to constantly harm and attack others.

However, despite these multiple negative traits, Mr. Stubborn is also shown to be scared when he and Mr. Rude are kidnapped by aliens while their UFO is out of control, and even going so far to being redeemable by winning a plush gopher for Little Miss Sunshine. He also does agree with Mr. Messy that no one needs a kitchen sink, and that there are times that he is a neutral character without any harmful traits. Humorously, while he, at first, refuses to believe he has a carrot stuck inside his ear, he pulls it out and believes that it is stuck inside his ear, later, he tells Mr. Grumpy to speak up and says that he has an icicle inside his ear, to which he only rips out half of it, and smiles despite the remnants of the icicle still inside his ear. The most embarrassing thing Mr. Stubborn has is his old photos while giving Mr. Happy a rigged eye test with his projector, as he fearfully changes his pictures out of complete insecurity and incompetence with children's laughter being physically heard.

Surprisingly, Mr. Stubborn's most redeemable, noble, and honourable moment is when he announces The Dillydale Super Challenge is coming this fall/autumn on every Tuesday night as he hosts the show on Dillydale TV. In addition, he also was redeemable to have won a gopher prize for Little Miss Sunshine.


  • His first appearance was in 'Boo-Boos'.
  • According to Godfrey in an Instagram livestream, Mr. Stubborn's tendency to call everything 'cheap' was his idea.
    • Godfrey would use the same accent and tone he used for Mr. Stubborn for the character Kofi Pizza in Steven Universe, which debuted four years after The Mr. Men Show ceased production.
  • The characters he has the most conflicts with are Mr. Grumpy and Little Miss Chatterbox.
  • He has had mistakes concerning his hair:
    • In the episode, 'Dance', while doing the Rain Dance, his two hairs disappear.
    • In the episode, 'Snow', when he is walking towards his door, he has three hairs.
  • In the episode, 'Sneezes and Hiccups', when he is sick, his nose is pink instead of yellow and his two hairs are crooked (until he refuses to admit it after being examined).
    • Also, he has a very strong sneeze and sneezed a whole building down in said episode, proving his sneezes to be stronger than that of Mr. Sneeze.
  • In the episode 'Night', Mr. Stubborn turns into a werewolf at a full moon but in the episode Full Moon, he shows no sign of being a werewolf.
  • He didn't appear in 'Physical', 'Cooking', 'Hobbies', 'Clocks', 'Trees' & 'Goo', but was erroneously listed in the official YouTube upload's description of Cooking.
  • In 'Boats' and 'Ships', he is referred many times as Captain Stubborn.
  • His ship, the SS Stubborn, has sunken twice, the first time in 'Boats' and the second in 'Ships', with the latter's sinking being investigated in 'Out to Sea'.
  • Mr. Stubborn is both the main villain and the most unpleasant character in The Mr. Men Show mainly due to having a lot of negative and irredeemable personality traits.
  • In the beginning and ending scenes of 'Beach', there are 2 Mr. Stubborns, one in the water with goggles and snorkel, and one lounging on the beach towel.
  • Mr. Stubborn is the narrator of two books involving him, which are Mr. Stubborn Says There Are No Monsters in This Book and Mr. Stubborn and the Dillydale Monster.
  • Mr. Stubborn absolutely hates everyone and everything including:
    • Little Miss Scary and her scaring him and her collection of scary masks.
    • Mr. Tickle and him tickling Mr. Stubborn, and the former's long arms.
    • Mr. Grumpy and his grumpiness, recurring good mood, honest truths, and intelligence, because they get along very poorly.
    • Mr. Rude and his farting gas, bad manners, and correct points, even though Mr. Rude's farting gas does save the day.
    • Mr. Bump because of his clumsiness and accidents.
    • Little Miss Whoops and her clumsiness, accidents, and blatant "Trained professional" lies (even though they never interacted)
    • Little Miss Calamity and her calamities.
    • Little Miss Chatterbox and her constant non-stop talking.
    • Little Miss Naughty and her pranks.
    • Little Miss Bossy and her bossy, selfish, condescending and arrogant behavior.
    • Mr. Happy and his happiness and smiles.
    • Little Miss Sunshine and her sunshine innocence.
    • Mr. Small and his gentlemanly behaviour and advice, and especially his small size.
    • Mr. Nosey and his nosiness.
    • Mr. Funny and his funny and clownish antics.
    • Mr. Lazy and his laziness and constant sleeping.
    • Mr. Noisy and his noisiness and loud megaphone.
    • Mr. Quiet and his quietness and his quiet yet surprisingly audible voice.
    • Mr. Fussy and his fussiness and different opinions.
    • Mr. Bounce and his constant bouncing.
    • Mr. Strong and his strength and low intelligence, even though Mr. Strong is smart.
    • Mr. Scatterbrain and his bad memory, his wide unusual army of pets, and the chaos he creates, yet he means no harm.
    • Mr. Tall and his tall legs.
    • Little Miss Magic and her faulty magic tricks.
    • Mr. Messy and his messiness.
    • Little Miss Daredevil and her Boogie Boots.
    • Little Miss Giggles and her constant hyena-like laughter.
    • Little Miss Curious and her constantly asking questions habit and being obsessively curious.
    • Little Miss Helpful and her faulty advice and helpfulness, even though her helpfulness does save the day sometimes.
    • Mr. Nervous and his nervousness, cowardice, intelligence, and interests in innocent and adorable things, above all else.
  • He is one of the mascots of the Deletion candidate template in this wiki, along with the 2008 design of Little Miss Bossy.

In other languages[]

  • Monsieur Têtu (French)
  • מר עקשן (Mar Akshán; Hebrew)
  • Mr. Ceanndána (Irish)
  • 頑固先生 (Wángù Xiānshēng; Taiwan)
  • がんこくん (Ganko-kun; Japanese)
  • 고집씨 (Gojib-ssi; Korean)
  • Pan Uparty (Polish)
  • Мистер Упрямец (Mister Upryamets; Russian)
  • 固執先生 (Gu³ zap¹ Sin¹ saang¹; Cantonese)
  • Ο Κύριος Πεισματάρης (Greek)
  • السيد عنيد (As-Sayyad ʿAnīd; Arabic)



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