This is for the ships Mr. Stubborn owns and is the captain of them.

S.S. Stubborn


The S.S. Stubborn is a cruise ship that Mr. Stubborn owned. He caused it to sank when the ship crashed through some icebergs, even though he thought the ship is strong enough to get through. Everyone except for Miss Calamity escaped, as she was the only one standing on top of it. Though was rescued by Mr. Scatterbrain.

It only appeared in Boats.

Fun Facts

  • It's appearance is similar to the RMS Titanic, except 2 funnels were gone and it is not as wide as it.
  • How the boat sank in Boats is also how the Titanic sank as both ships had sunk by hitting an iceberg

The first Good Ship Stubborn

The Good Ship Stubborn is the second cruise ship Mr. Stubborn owned, and it's identical to the S.S. Stubborn. Like with the former, the Good Ship sank due to icebergs, even though he thought they are harmless. Everyone on board except for the Captain himself escaped the ship.

It only appeared in Ships.

The second Good Ship Stubborn

This ship was already sunken due to a previous event that Mr. Stubborn caused about a year ago. The discovery team tried to retrieve it, but because Mr. Stubborn refused to believe and was furious, he caused Miss Daredevil's submarine to leak, and have to escape. The ship was later rescued at the end.

It appeared only in Out To Sea.

Fun Facts

  • It's unknown if this ship is the same one that sank in Ships. It could be the same, as Miss Chatterbox was there when it sank. However, it is depicted smaller than how it was in Ships, and they never explained if it sank from icebergs.
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