Mr. Stubborn

Mr. Stubborn Might have been one of the four new characters created in The Mr. Men Show. He could have been the Mr. Men Show's counterpart of Little Miss Stubborn. He might have voiced by stand-up comedian Godfrey in the US version,and Lewis MacLeod in the UK and Australia version.

About him

Mr. Stubborn was made exclusively for The Mr. Men Show. He might have been  a purple oval/egg shaped Mr. Man. He might have  a little yellow rounded triangle nose, a black unibrow above his eyes and he also has two strands of black hair sticking up on the top of his head. Mr. Stubborn resembles Mr. Grumble because of their body shape and is someone's brother and they are all purple in colour. It might be possible to say that Mr. Stubborn might have originally been Little Miss Stubborn (Little Miss Stubborn doesn't appear on "The Mr. Men Show" but she might actually be his sister who appeared in the later books and the original television series. The only possible way to tell the two of them apart from each other is that Little Miss Stubborn might be a bit less stubborn and maybe just a bit more friendlier than Mr. Stubborn. She has admitted that she can be wrong in a 90's episode). Mr. Stubborn probably never listens to good advice from anyone and to prove it: he might be a bit much too stubborn to admit he was ever wrong. He might often assumes others are wrong, even when it is obvious that he is wrong, even if he finds out he's wrong he still doesn't admit it. If possible, he misuses items and after they break or if he breaks the things that he touches, he thinks that they're cheap and also even remarks that they are cheap. (e.g. "This stove might be cheap!").

Lives: Dillydale

Family: Little Miss Stubborn (sister)

Friends: No one

Likes: Nothing

Dislikes: Everything

Rivals: Probably everyone

Jobs:He's homeless.


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