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Mr. Tall[]
Little Miss Helpful[]
Little Miss Fun[]
Little Miss Jealous[]
Little Miss Valentine[]
Little Miss Brave[]
Little Miss Bossy Saves the Zoo[]
The Incredible Race[]
Good Thing I Came Along[]
Ancient Olympic Games[]
Little Miss Splendid and the Present[]
Mr. Happy at the Seaside[]
Guide to Love[]
The Christmas Contest[]
Guide to Management[]
Be Kind[]
Adventure in Magicland[]
Busy Builders[]
The Healthy Sports Day[]
Sports and Exercise Day[]
Kindness Day[]
Mr. Men - Go to the Festival[]
To Be Organized[]

Mr. Men - At the Park[]
All Different[]
Annual 1980[]
Mr. Noisy and the Giant[]
To Be Organized[]

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Mr. Tall[]
Little Miss Shy[]
Mr. Brave[]
Little Miss Helpful[]
Little Miss Fun[]

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Little Miss Helpful[]