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Mr. Tickle's story begins in his bedroom, waking up in his bed and having a quick bite to eat, using his extraordinarily long arms to get a biscuit from the kitchen and go back to eat it.

He then decides that it looks like a tickling sort of a day, so he goes out to town tickling people - a teacher, a policeman, a greengrocer, a station guard, a doctor, a butcher, and a postman named Mr. Stamp. He causes a lot of chaos in the process of doing this.

Mr. Tickle goes back to his home at the end of the day to reflect upon and laugh about all of the people that he tickled.




The transcript for "Mr. Tickle (Cartoon)" can be found here.

Differences Between the Book and the Cartoon[]

  • This version includes a scene where Mr. Tickle tickles a kid called Peter on the back of his neck, to which Peter gets told off by his teacher.
  • This episode does not have the warning that Mr. Tickle could be lurking anywhere, even your doorway, waiting to tickle you, at the end.


  • There are two versions of this episode. One with high quality audio, and one with low quality audio. The high quality audio version is exclusive to the 1988 UK VHS called Mr. Men Volume 2 (unless one counts the 1983 re-scored version), while the low quality audio version is the more common version and is found on all other home media and on the official YouTube channel.
  • This is the first episode for several things


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